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  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    My view:

    This is an outstanding device - well done Apple.

    The VisionPro pushes up against physical boundaries in areas such as optics, semiconductor architectures including those relevant to displays, processing and power management and laughs at them in ways only Apple (and to a similar extent, Tesla) can. This in a first generation device. Amazing.

    Here though is my main concern:

    I hope that Apple can become completely vertically integrated. Any conflict involving China, even if the US and allies don't become directly involved, is likely to destroy Apple's manufacturing model for some time at least. I'm interested in thoughts on whether Apple could manufacture on home soil right down to optics milling, chip fabbing and board and display fabrication.

  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    MacPro said:
    gatorguy said:
    It does not seem like a very Apple-y product, but that's not unexpected either. It's a first gen, and according to reports was intended for developers anyway. Three years out they may have something. At the moment it seems like it was pushed out to the retail market before it's fully hatched, and I'm not sure why altho I could guess there's some other nearly-finished products from potential competitors coming before the year is out. 

    No doubt some regular users here will rush to buy a Vision Pro anyway; after all, it's from Apple. By the time it's fully developed in gen 3 I would expect it to be half to a third of the current price. That's when it may capture my interest.  Or not.
    Well, it just saved me from buying more monitors, so it's pretty cheap.  3D camera capability looks fun.

    Meanwhile, Google and Meta are furiously working back at the drawing board...  Another Oh shi! moment for those guys, just like with iPhone and Apple Watch.
    So to be clear, this will act as a monitor for the Mac as well? I render heaps of output from Wolfram Mathematica as 3D plots. I can see Wolfram introducing a VisionPro 3D rendering engine. The tech incorporated is astounding for the bulk volume of the device.
  • Twitter Inc. no longer exists, now X Corp.

    X marks the spot... or perhaps not. Musk is a long-term thinker and operator. By the time X is the place for everything for everyone, Twitter will be barely a memory. AGI though might intervene even in his planning for good or not. Interesting times indeed (daily lol).
  • NFT firms say Apple rules make the App Store 'impossible'

    Crypto technologies including cryptocurrencies are old technologies dressed for the modern age. They do and will make activities possible that are currently not and have huge potential for good, such as a means of personal privacy in public and corporate spaces that is currently not possible. NFTs have in many cases earned a justifiably poor reputation, however, they permit quite admirable use cases too. The cat is out of the bag and isn't getting shoved back in...
  • Pegasus spyware scandal uncovered by fake image file on an iPhone

    Xed said:
    I wonder how many other workarounds for iOS are out there in the wild that Apple doesn't know about.

    lkrupp said:

    While NSO Group has been investigated over the allegations and faces considerable pressure to quit, it seems that spyware-based surveillance could be around for quite a while. In January, it was revealed the Israeli police used Pegasus to perform warrant-less surveillance, and at one point, the FBI reportedly considered using the spyware.

    Read on AppleInsider
    Pegasus and its cousins will never be over. The genie is out of the bottle. 
    I imagine these companies keep looking for new backdoors even after a great one is found so that they can have another solution in case one is discovered.
    One can gain insights by reading 'This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends' by Nicole Perlroth.