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  • China increases power cuts, 'scared' suppliers look to leave country

    maestro64 said:
    tedz98 said:
    This is a classic example of the failures of communism, big government and central planning. They can’t keep the lights on! The article, which in many ways from a journalistic perspective, isn’t written well - doesn’t answer the basic question of why there is a power shortage in China. It also speaks to the corruption of big government. Companies with political influence, and by inference, the resources to bribe officials, are the ones who get electricity (sounds a bit like what’s going on in Washington D.C.) You can be sure if companies are being denied electricity, private citizens are going without power in their homes. Do global warming alarmists really think China is going to limit CO2 output when they are bringing new coal burning power plants online every week, yet still can’t meet power demand? Apple should have been undertaking a serious effort to leave China a long time ago. But the lure of cheap labor and easier profitability has kept them there longer than they should have been. So wake up America! The siren’s lure of big brother government being the provider of the basic necessities of daily life touted by the likes of AOC, Bernie, Biden, Nancy and Schumer are deceptive and false. California, which is already a semi-socialist state, is well on its way to being unable to meet everyday power needs during periods of peak demand. Gavin Newsome and his ilk in Sacramento falsely think they posses the intellectual superiority to control the basic economic, environmental and societal variables of California to lead to optimal outcomes for the citizens of California. Given the outflow of people and companies from California I would argue they are failing. Tesla is moving their headquarters to Texas as a very recent example of this. Not to mention the California problems with homelessness. Apple’s next big worry is TSMC and their reliance on Taiwan for Apple CPU’s. If Apple were smart they’d be knocking on the doors of Intel and other domestic chip producers and start developing backup supply chains for chips. This is a multi-year effort so get started now! The China pendulum has reached its apex. Time for new plans Apple!
    Oh, did you mean California - the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world? Yeah they're doing fine. Just because anti-labor and anti-COVID-measures wingnuts like Musk chase corporate welfare elsewhere doesn't mean there is anything wrong w/ CA. 

    Also, you've enjoyed the fruits of socialism since before you were born.

    If you beliver this, you need some reeducation. Everything on that lists was paid for by the US tax payers and none of it would exist if it was not for capitalism. The government does not create a thing, they only take money and redistribute it there is no value add, they mostly distroy value in the process. There are few on the list which are true socialist program and are failures. SS is running out of money since whole idea relied on each generation being larger than the one in front of it, the Boomers will deplete most of it leaving nothing for those behind them. What a great program, i just wish they allow me to invest that 14% they get of wages I would have done fare better for myself. Then again I do not rely on others to do thing for me.

    Keep in mind Socialism is that the government control all means of production meaning everyone works for the government and no one gets paid since the government provides everything. Everyone is equally poor, it is easier to drag people down and to pull everyone up, and the one no raising rather pull everyone down to make themselves feel better for failing themselves.
    A fundamental problem in arguing in favour of capitalism ('freedom') over other structures is that 'other' is consistently construed as 'socialist'. Until a realistic argument can be contested, there is little hope of constructive dialogue. Most advanced economies, such as Germany, France and baltic states as examples are 'social democracies'. They are principally democracies and exhibit strong social policies. They are not socialist states and yet education and medical care are free beyond taxes already levied. People who live in social democracies are honestly flabbergasted by inequalities in these aspects and others of some societies.

  • Former Apple CDO Jony Ive helped design the 24-inch iMac

    As someone who is now using the M1 iMac (16GB/1TB), I find the rancour amazing, though I suppose not surprising. The machine is a work of art. The latest OS of course contributes enormously to the pleasure this system provides. I hide the dock and the Menu bar and so, when not in use, the computer is literally a canvas with with beautiful desktop images changing slowly through the day.

    My go to software is Mathematica. Stephen Wolfram has said that his engineers are busy removing the last 'tentacles' that run deeply inside Mathematica on Intel Macs and that the software will soon be fully native. I suspect that we won't be disappointed with the results.
  • Apple touts flexibility of M1 chip ahead of 24-inch iMac release

    I've used Apple computers through every processor migration - now, at last, their own silicon. I'll be employing my Intel-based system until necessary software migration is complete, it will be interesting to see how well non-native programs perform. Anyone here unable to move over due to software constraints?
  • Epic Games appears to out Apple VR development in Fortnite dispute

    For the uninitiated, Epic's Unreal Engine 5 demo:

  • Long-time Mac developer's apps pulled from Mac App Store because of automated system failu...

    The apps:

    Outcome will be interesting.