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  • Apple transition to own ARM chips in Macs rumored to start at WWDC

    rob53 said:
    Time to think different, leaving the bloatware you mentioned. Look at replacement software using Apple’s Core-“everything” api’s and you might be surprised at how much they offer at a fraction of the price. As for Office software, It probably doesn’t matter as much on low end hardware. As for incompatibility with existing macOS software, let’s see what’s introduced at WWDC before taking the easy way out and saying things won’t work. The times aren’t the same when Apple changed from PPC to x86.
    The thesis for my PhD in physics required principally four applications, Pages, Mathematica, a Pages compatible math editor and one I ported from Linux to run my experimental systems. I use them still and would need any system I purchase to support them. No doubt, my example is one of a countless number of similar examples. I'm looking forward to Apple being in control of the processors but I hope that developers are (will be) on board. As you wrote though, this is a great opportunity to think different.
  • iPad Pro 'final design mockup' shown with iPhone 11 Pro triple camera bump

    melgross said:
    ... When the three cameras are lined up, the problem is that the end cameras are much further apart than either of the close pairs, leading to odd differences in 3D angulation.
    Hence the camera lenses being located at the points of an equilateral triangle in the new iPhones (Image). Perhaps unimportant or reason enough to doubt this leak. Also, cannot see the little relief port unless that big central feature serves the purpose. Why do it differently to the iPhone?

  • An iPhone camera and a thin film could allow for home health tests & portable security scr...

    This technique is not mass spectrometry, it is optical spectrometry. Mass spectrometry discriminates between species based on differing masses, hence, mass spectrometry. This technique does not do that. (Samples might differentiate by mass during the process but the separate masses would not be directly discerned.) Spectrometry in general though in its various forms, is a powerful experimental and diagnostic tool, central to much of what has been achieved in physics, medicine, chemistry and other fields.
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    The whole endeavour of AI/ML is a difficult one for Apple given the company's (rightful) approach to privacy. Tesla can boast millions of driving miles contributing to improvements in their vehicle's AI, Google can look at what web page someone who entered a search term selects as feedback on performance but when SIRI gets a request wrong or serves up less than useful information, how does Apple learn of it? Re-asking a query phrased differently might help but I wonder how many users bother. For me, SIRI is very useful in setting alarms and reminders and even in performing calculations but AI/ML is advancing at an incredible pace and only a very capable research program I suspect will keep/make Apple's offerings relevant. Interesting discussion.
  • Apple poached 'scores' of Tesla employees in recent months, but not all go to 'Project Tit...

    ireland said:
    "The world must move to sustainable energy and it must do so now."

    And people complained about Apple being a cult!
    They should have communicated their message better, but I don't get why that would be the bit you would latch onto in describing Tesla as a cult. Global warming is real, and so the world must change.
    Want to demean a message? Call the messenger a cultist. Anthropomorphic climate warming was seen as a risk as early as 1912 (and perhaps earlier) and is happening.

    Long before cities are inundated permanently though, other impacts will be dire. If our blood pH dropped by as much as ocean pH has dropped, seizures and sudden death ensue:

    This is just one consequence. As you said, climate change is not a cult.
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