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  • iMac could be made from a single glass sheet in the future

    bsimpsen said:
    Fixing the keyboard to the display is ergonomically terrible and makes no sense in a desktop computer. My keyboard is on an adjustable tray, 14 inches below the bottom edge of my iMac display and 11 inches in front of it, tilted backwards 10 degrees. I will purchase no computer that doesn't allow me to replicate this geometry, which eliminated my nearly debilitating RSI pain over 20 years ago.
    Agreed, terrible ergonomics. 
  • New York's updated Excelsior vaccine passport drops Apple Wallet support

    How are people just blindly accepting these vaccine passports? How is it that so few even question something that is so obviously absurd? The fact that they don't accommodate for natural immunity, which is *superior* to the vaccine 'immunity,' should be a clear indication that we're being manipulated. Not to mention the fact that they make no sense, since people 'vaccinated' with these gene modifying agents can still catch and spread covid. It's shocking how many people are accepting these 'passports' as somehow justifiable.
    It seems you are a person type who gets shocked easily by trivial things. Or are you just belonging to anti-vax camp. And maybe you haven’t realized it yet. That you are in denial of the human progress in medicine. 

    Firstly, As some one have already pointed out - the vaccination does not modify your genes, contrary to what you are thinking. It’s a fact. And you got your facts WRONG.

    Secondly, the society needs to function, what other measures than ‘passports’ do you suggest for mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19, when the society tries to get to new normal? Or you just criticize the solution without offering any alternatives? Sounds like a grumpy asshole.

    Thirdly, the provided to you link https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/why-covid-19-vaccines-offer-better-protection-than-infection.html Is an interview with Virologist Sabra Klein, PhD ‘98, MS, MA, who says an immense amount of data collected in a short time have made clear the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and the limited immunity that comes from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    It is funny how easily you dismiss the information coming from a virologist. 

    Fourthly, you have provide in a later comment 3 links, basically claiming that it is the prove (for you) that natural immunity is better than vaccine. But your claim is wrong. Let’s look into the links you have provided.
    In the 1st link: there is no such information about what is better
    In the 2nd link: there is no control group / initial testing. It doesn’t consider that all vaccinated people are documented, but only a part of the infected people are making the test and are diagnosed being sick with COVID-19. Thus the number of people who were newly infected and were already sick with COVID-19 some time in the past isn’t known. This means that the statistics in the article and the conclusion that vacinated people 6 times are more likely to get sick than people with the natural immunity is NOT CORECT AND MISLEADING. 
    In the 3d link: there is finally a control group initial testing done. And the numbers tell us that 4,85% percent of people get reinfected (=62/1278), and only 3,85% vacinated people got infected (=5449/141480). So even in the link you have provided, you proved your own statement is WRONG. You got your facts wrong AGAIN.

    You are not simply getting the facts wrong. You are spreading LIES or your own ASSUMPTIONS. 

  • Wristcam is a $299 Apple Watch band with a camera

    I think it's really cool.
    It makes Appel Watch really more universal. 
    It's just cool to be able to answer FaceTime call without getting your phone from the pocket. 
    Of course, often it would be more convenient to have an iPhone for that call. But This camera on the watch ads flexibility and options.

    Great (even though I am not going to buy one).
  • Apple's HomePod mini review: the speaker for the rest of us

    I don’t see the fixed usb cable as advantage.
  • Apple Silicon switch could lead to lower-cost Mac lineups, analyst says

    maestro64 said:
    The real question, how much of this cost reduction will Apple pass forward.
    Why should they?
    They are introducing a better CPU to a consumer. Why would they need also to reduce a price on a computer which is better?