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  • Apple said to be upgrading AirPods with 'Hey Siri' & better water resistance

    lightvox said:
    Useless to me until they implement passive noise cancelling.  Every Apple headphone (not including Beats) has sounded horrible (weak bass and mids) because the earbuds don't properly seal.  Clear example of design over function.
    "sounded horrible" is a stretch IMO. There are better headphones, sure, but I think the current AirPods bass is just fine. A "clear example of design over function" is in the eye of the beholder. Also, I prefer the AirPods snug fit versus in-ear buds that "seal". That's an uncomfortable feeling for my ears.
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  • Native YouTube TV app coming to Apple TV 'very soon'

    eightzero said:
    Competition is good. $35 is too much. YMMV. 
    Compared to what? Over the air? It's not expensive if you are comparing it to other options in the current market. I have issues with YouTube TV, but price is not one of them. In fact, price is probably the most attractive part of it. When I tried YTTV the main issue I had was the sparse channel lineup and poor streaming quality. IMO, DirecTV Now and PS Vue both offer a superior experience, for now. Having local channels in all their markets is a plus for YTTV, however, I need to see CNN and a handful of other channels added, which are all standard on the competition's similar priced plans. YTTV is a good start; hopefully Google continue to build it out.
  • After speculative reports of slow sales, iPhone X is now said to be in the "high end of th...

    It seems to me the iPhone X has been a major success, however, I'll be honest; I would return my iPhone X for an iPhone 8 Plus right now if I could (without jumping through hoops).  I'm an Apple fan, and have used many of their products for many years.  For me, this is one of the first Apple products that has presented me with an overall downgraded experience versus the previous product.  I am not unhappy with the phone, but if I had the choice I'd switch back.  Of course, the iPhone X is excellent, and I love many things about it.  My main complaint, however, and the reason why I actually prefer the older design, is FaceID.  In my use case scenario I find FaceID far more of an annoyance versus TouchID.  When the situation is right, of course, FaceID works beautifully.  But I am talking about phone on the desk, laying in bed, not looking at the phone from the exact angle, etc.  In my use case scenario anyway, it's simply more inconvenient versus TouchID.   If the X had both TouchID and FaceID it would be near perfect.  Alas, I will keep my X until the next upgrade cycle.  If TouchID doesn't make a re-apperance on the next iPhone, then I'll go with the other design.  Just my two cents.