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  • Watch AppleInsider's Apple Pro discussion live

    Difficult to understand why the naysayers have been so quiet after watching this event. NOT.
  • Apple invents futuristic digital scroll-like device with retractable, roll-up display

    and all over Asia teams are hard at work making copies of the device outlined in the Patent.
    Who will be the first to get something on the market?
    When will Kuo forecast this to be included in the 2018 iPhone? Next week perhaps?

    BTW, this looks like the cross section of an old 110 format film canister... ????

    Actually, Samsung had already presented this concept in a video back in 2012 at CES. So, Asia Teams have been working on this since few years. You can check the video in YouTube.

    However, I am genuinely interested in this product now. Since Apple is behind this, the tech would be mainstream and reliable. And I don't care who copied who, I just want a great product from Apple.

    Could you please supply a reference?

    If I recall, I know they have presented a flexible OLED, which isnot entirely new, but the patent Apple has applied for is as stated, "Apple's proposed device is specifically designed to accommodate a retractable display."
  • Apple makes case for Apple Watch Series 2 Christmas gifts in new ad series

    I wear my Apple Watch virtually 24/7. 

    And I doubt that most owners don't do the same. 

    And if the millions and millions of us are like me, that was something we didn't do with our Rolex's, Movado's, Tag's or even our Timex's.

    As far as I am concerned, there is a adage in the advertising/marketing/sales word, "Out of site, out of mind."

    These ads re-enforce not only the availability but potential uses. And most of us owners agree profusely. And succinctly, better than I can, when confronted with a "why?" or "what for?" and without prejudice or offending the competition.

    Caveat: The Apple Watch is NOT for everyone. For many it is not economical feasible, necessary or ideal. Even my wife thought so. That is until I got a few Apple Gift Cards (Xmas and Birthday) and curtailed my daily stops to Starbucks that I only had to pay less than $75 out of pocket.
  • Wide iPhone 7 availability expected at Apple retail by Oct. 8, international freight logjam to blam

    According to the attached article, JBSlough said:
    As someone who who works for UPS, Apple ships on planes (90% of the time its FedEx). You can see this when you track your package out of China. Most of the time its next stop is Alaska then the lower 48. FedEx feeds out of Memphis and UPS is through Louisville. Never heard of Apple using ships. How would it make it Next Day Air?
    What you say makes sense, considering tracking the last 3 iPhones, 4 iPads and my Apple Watch I recently purchased, as well as understanding that Pacific Ocean shipping from China to the USA is in the range of a month.

    In addition, this article, Does Apple Ship iPhones by Air or Sea?  certainly confirms this.
  • Apple releases macOS 10.12 Sierra with Siri, Apple Pay for web, Apple Watch login, more

    Not seeing it on the Canadian App Store yet...

    C'MON, me wants!!! :)
    Cousins in Toronto got it already.

    Mine is ready for me to click the Continue button.

    Using the beta for months now. Love it