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  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    avon b7 said:
    Apple has chosen to be late to the party in many areas simply because it has made good business sense to them.

    As long as people are willing to purchase iPhones in sufficient numbers, this is very unlikely to change and even if change is provoked by a reality check in the shape of something like a profit warning, the most probable change would be to pricing first and, only as a last resort, features. 

    In terms of where the puck might be at any given time, Apple has mostly missed it many times in recent years. By accident, strategic planning, strategic misplanning or by simply failing to see what users actually want or need.

    Apple is a 'play safe' company in many regards today, and there isn't much room for 'cool' on the roadmap. There will be occasional moments along the way for some great innovation but that isn't where the company is at. 

    Margins and revenues are what really count. That cannot be criticised from a business perspective but it comes at a price for users. 

    The latest iPhone offerings are really a prime example of the drip, drop attitude to features.

    I haven't seen a single review that hasn't carried a tone of an 'S' series review. Of course that is exactly what they are. 'S' series phones without the 'S' in the name because Apple marketing knows full well that users are onto the 'S' labelling and what it represents.

    Android manufacturers could band together for a branding campaign and really destabilise the entire iPhone ecosystem by attacking the notion that Apple is actually cool and pointing out the bare truth. That would really do some damage but I feel Android manufacturers just don't feel a need for that.

    Apple is fine with the current scenario because it knows that most buyers won't be asking about things like refresh rates at purchase time, but if purchasers knew that the asking price is underdelivering with regards to the competition that would probably have an impact on sales. 

    Although Apple has had no option but to progressively expand its model offerings (an essential move IMO) adjust pricing and slowly add the most glaring feature omissions (tri-cameras, better low light photography, more camera versatility, better and faster charging options, longer battery life, smaller notch, 5G, higher base storage...) there is still a huge amount of damage that a concerted Android branding campaign could do (both from a hardware and software perspective).

    However, in the case of flip phones specifically, from a business perspective for Apple, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Unlike Samsung or any top Chinese vendor) they are a 'mainstream' company with no 'non-mainstream' product outlets. 

    Everything has to be mass market. That makes it virtually impossible to bring a nascent form factor to market. 

    Do I think they should do it, though? Definitely! 

    Same tropes you have been pedalling for years.   Is the iPhone 13 an ‘S’ upgrade for a user coming from an iPhone 6/7/8 or X? Very very few people upgrade yearly. The iOS user base continues to tick upward. Apple is so far in front of the competition in Wearables. Idk, at what point do we just give up on the same tireless narratives? 

    Android vendors play a spec war and in the end  they run out of ideas and vendors. LG being the latest casualty. 
  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    bluefire1 said:
    I loved my Motorola Razr from decades ago, and the idea of a flip phone from Apple genuinely excites me. Additionally, several of my pants pockets would benefit from such a phone. My guess: It will debut in the fall of 2024.
    Nostalgia and pockets are prob not reasons to make a flip phone.
  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    IMO, there is nothing compelling about a flip phone. What problem is being solved?  The Fold is a hideous and over priced device. The form and function makes very little sense. 

    I can see an argument for a foldable iPad/tablet. A bigger form factor that can be made compact when on the go.  iPad OS being optimized to take advantage of this type of device would likely be better given Android wont even try to optimize for a foldable unit. 

    Moving parts and joints = warranty nightmare.

    Apple will no doubt enter the foldable space at some point but time will tell what differentiates an Apple foldable from the competition. Again, Foldable for the sake of foldable makes no sense. 
  • iPhone 12 claims US sales crown, while iPhone 12 mini stumbles

    Purely anecdotal but I work for a regional carrier in Western Canada and the 12 mini was def a swing and a miss this holiday season.  SE is priced so much cheaper than the 12 mini and majority of users wanting a smaller phone still use a 5/5s/6/7/8. Like for like upgrade.

    Next holiday season the 12 mini will get the promo push that the 11 got this year and we will be back here saying people wrote off the 12mini to early :)
  • Apple stops shipping 5W power adapter, EarPods with any iPhone order

    In the keynote Apple said they have shipped 2 Billion chargers so far, so by not shipping a charger will reduce the carbon footprint - fair enough, most people have standard USB chargers at home anyway, but by shipping new phones only with a USB-C cable, those ubiquitous chargers aren’t USB-C so $$$$ for Apple selling a USB-C charger with a percentage of purchases (and there goes the so called carbon footprint 🤔). 
    I agree, but I think the push to ‘Mag safe’ means the charging port is going away in a generation or 2.