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  • 'Made by Google' joins fall tech event fray on October 6

    I don’t see the Pixels as « me-too » products at all. Google puts out some good phones, which are competitive on the hardware front and built to make the OS shine. They’re also (some, including me, would say ironically) more secure than any of the standard Android phones.

    If I were to ever leave iOS, I’d buy a Pixel and put Graphene on it — there’s no way I’d give Google access to me and my digital life. But I like the hardware.

    I see the argument for the buds and watch as copy-cat products, but I also see the logic of creating a set of products that work seamlessly together.
  • Cash-strapped Pegasus spyware developers wanted to sell to 'red-flag' countries

    Evil is as evil does.
  • Live-action 'Speed Racer' may be coming back to life on Apple TV+

    All in. I thought the movie was so underrated. 
    Same here. Visually, it was incredible; I watched it twice.
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  • On its second anniversary, Apple TV+ is in a good place

    I've had a free one-year subscription to Apple TV+ since last December, but I've only just started using it. (I'm not a huge television watcher, so the bit of time I devote to it has gone mostly to Netflix since my partner likes it so much.) I'd watched the first episode of For All Mankind and never got back to it, but Foundation really piqued my interest when it was announced. So I started watching the Earth at Night in Color series and was blown away by the sheer beauty of it and the engaging storytelling. I can't wait to watch the other nature series to see how they are. I also loved the docuseries 1971: The Year that Music Changed Everything and documentary The Velvet Underground.

    I've found the first few episodes of Foundation to be a little underwhelming overall, but the last couple of episodes have been much better. And I really enjoyed the first episode of Invasion and am looking forwarding to continuing.

    I'm going to renew my subscription in December. It also coincides with my retrying Apple Music and really enjoying it with the increased sound quality now that it offers lossless. (That's not to derail the discussion; I clearly hear a difference on my somewhat higher-end equipment, enough so that it makes Apple Music a real winner for me.) So the Apple One package makes sense, especially since I already pay a bit each month for iCloud storage.
  • On its second anniversary, Apple TV+ is in a good place

    Spitbath said:
    I used to like to binge (and I still do occasionally). But more recently, and especially during the pandemic, I've found that I really enjoy looking forward to new episodes each week. I was also talking to a friend recently about how prior to the binge era style of consuming media, a show had the ability to become a milestone for that particular time in your life. If you spend a day or two binging a season (or multiple seasons) of a show, those stories and characters become easily forgettable. Whereas spending many weeks, months, and after multiple seasons, many years with a show, those stories and characters become part of your life... almost like family. And when shows like that end there is a sadness because it represents the end of an era for you and those characters. You don't get that very much anymore with modern streaming shows. 
    That's a really keen observation. Thank you for the fresh (for me) perspective.