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  • New low-cost MacBook rumored to take on Chromebooks in education

    timmillea said:
    Apple absolutely should and can do this. Base it on a bog-standard iPad spec but with a keyboard. Savings can be made with the display quality, battery life, processor speed and ports. Remember the iBook? This would be the iBook revisioned. But bring in Jony Ive to design it. We have had a succession of design faux pas from Apple of late. 
    I like your idea but I don't really see Apple pursuing this because it really is all about low price.  Apple doesn't generally go there.  Mac usually (maybe always) wins compared to Windows but Chromebooks shouldn't need as nearly as much support as Windows.  

    The main thing to make Apple's device comparable to a Chromebook would be to run iOS.  I'd see it being much closer to an Apple eMate than a MacBook.  
  • Child safety advocacy group launches campaign against Apple

    Obviously Apple has to be scanning files in order to remove content. Just click on the link I provided and go to Section V and you will find highly detailed information.
    Actually, Section V says that “Apple does not control the Content posted via the Service, nor does it guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content” which is pretty much the opposite of what you are asserting. 

    Section V also states that Apple reserves “the right” to do such scanning and removing to enforce the agreement, comply with laws, protect others, etc but does not state that they are actively doing it. 
  • Apple will frame iPhone 15 USB-C switch as a consumer win

    mayfly said:
    It would have happened sooner or later, even without EU pressure.
    And who gives a damn?  This was supposedly intended to benefit the environment?  And how does it do that?  Another bunch of stuff is rendered prematurely obsolete and gets trashed.  The USB-C connector will itself be obsolete in due time and the EU bureaucrats will make sure it stays in use well past that time.  
  • Foxconn founder says Apple business means China can't risk threatening him

    I am not sure why Gou thinks that a communist dictator would feel constrained either by the interests of foreign companies and global pension funds or even the interests of their own domestic economy when it comes to achieving their major strategic goals.   All I can say to him is that I hope he is right.
  • Feds seize $400,000 worth of counterfeit Apple devices

    The counterfeit AirPods are all over the place around the world.  At the Marche aux Puces de le Porte de Vanves market in Paris, you will be surrounded by people trying sell "new" "Airpods" for like 40 euros.  The pawnshops of the UK have either been fooled (doubtful) or they're in on it and selling fake AirPods.  Facebook Marketplace in the US - tons of "brand new" AirPods for $60.  The fakes look really close.  They'll definitely improve the plastic wrapping - hell, that's much easier than all the stuff the fakers already did.