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  • Vision Pro will turn any surface into a display with touch control

    So where Apple's virtual keyboard for the Vision Pro is not practical for long typing sessions, it could be that a user's desk is turned into a keyboard.  That would still make for a stunted typing experience, as there would be no travel on the keys. But there are already keyboard projectors that use lasers to display a QWERTY layout directly onto a flat surface. 

    I think you COULD have key travel by overlaying a virtual keyboard on a real keyboard.  It wouldn't matter if the keyboard was plugged in or not.  You could type on the real keyboard and the Vision Pro would read the virtual one occupying the same space.
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  • Apple Watch won't get third-party watch faces anytime soon

    Apple's marketing and engineering teams will want you to know that most people underestimate the incredible technical challenges involved in making a digital watch face. 

    There was a multi-year and multi-department team of people from various technical disciplines involved the last time they changed the size of the watch face by several millimeters, just to make sure the numbers were in order and also to be sure that if you pick the watch up by the edge, it feels right.    
  • 15-inch MacBook Air teardown reveals few changes from 13-inch model

    Relatively few internal differences between the 13" and 15" models?  We were told that developing the 15" model involved all sorts of major engineering challenges.  
  • Apple executives discuss the process behind the 15-inch MacBook Air's development

    LOL LOL LOL   Every time Apple does some relatively little thing, we have to read about what it big deal it was.  Yeah, there were so many amazing challenges we had 
    Is sarcasm your middle name?
    Afarstar said: Completely unnecessary comment. 

    Congratulations for correctly identifying my unnecessary comment and for advancing the discourse with a completely cogent and necessary comment.  Well done.  

  • Apple executives discuss the process behind the 15-inch MacBook Air's development

    netrox said:
    The sum of little things is exactly what makes Apple products so much better than competition. 

    While I take heat for my criticism of the Apple self-adulation for doing a new little thing, I agree with you completely.  It is the sum of a lot of little things that makes Apple products better than the competition and worth the premium that Apple can charge.