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  • How Steve Jobs saved Apple with the iMac 25 years ago

    s.metcalf said:
    They still haven’t beaten that iMac G4’s floating display arm.  That computer got a lot of sales in customer service/kiosks for that reason alone.
    The arm had a tendency to go bad and no longer support the weight of the screen, leaving the screen flopping down.  It was a cool design but I don’t think they worked that well. 
  • BuzzFeed fires 15% of workforce, shuts down BuzzFeed News

    An unknown number of BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed News's redundancies will reportedly be offered positions on The Huffington Post, which Peretti co-founded.
    Wow, as if getting fired from Buzzfeed wasn't bad enough - to go from there to Huffington Post.  You'd really have to question your life choices when it has come down to this.
  • Users won't give up their iPhones for $10K, and that makes Apple 'wonderful' says Warren B...

    For most people in the US, $10,000 is a trivial amount of money to base any lifelong decision on even one as unimportant as what phone you use.
    I disagree.  For many people in the US, $10,000 is more money than they ever had at one time.  There are also many Americans for whom $10,000 is no life changer but still a considerable amount of money.  Then are the people who will always take free money and would have no intention of following through on their commitment. 

    $10,000 would not change my life but I'd still have to consider the offer, if there were one.  I've been enjoying the iPhone since the first model but $10k to switch to other phones that are also highly regarded?  Maybe.   

    I'm not young but I still expect the iPhone (and similar devices) to become quaint vintage electronics within my lifetime, replaced by something cooler - maybe from Apple and maybe not - so I don't consider such a decision would have a "lifetime" impact.

    Another potential in-my-lifetime scenario is the pessimistic one in which everything goes to crap and which phone we use becomes a non-issue.
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP7 review: A very nice turntable for under $1,000

    zeus423 said:
    Still have my Sanyo stereo with turntable and dual cassette player from the 80's. Works great, and I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near $1000!
    and how much was a home 'from the 80's'

    and how much was a car 'from the 80's'

    pretty sure 'iT wAsN't aNywHeRe nEaR'  today's prices.
    The Sanyo came with the dual cassettes, a tuner, and speakers and in today's dollars it would probably be around $1000.  https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ ; But perhaps more to the point, you could buy that Sanyo stereo RIGHT NOW at a thrift shop for under $100.

    What's interesting is the "modern" design for what is essentially Edison's invention from 1877.
  • Hands on with Apple's yellow iPhone 14

    A few things I would like to see on such an important release:

    1) Benchmarks comparing with other colors
    2) A take-apart guide specific to this color.
    3) Will it blend?