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  • Twitter's text-based two-factor authentication becomes a paid-only feature

    clemynx said:
    ranson said:
    You should never just turn someone's MFA off without their explicit approval.
    Usually I'm a "let the market decide" person rather than "regulate with new laws" person, but perhaps it should be illegal to go from 1FA to ZeroFA, so maybe it should also be illegal to go from 2FA to 1FA.
    Sorry, just coming here to say that I find crazy that after all the horrible things the market has freely decided in the past century and the countless proof that regulation is what made everything better for consumers, people still say “let the market decide”. It can only be  brainwashing at this point. I don’t plan on starting a debate and won’t answer on this subject, but I really had to say it, it’s so nonsensical. 
    Go ahead and don't answer.  There's a place for regulation but more regulation does not equal more better.  After all the horrible things that fascists like yourself have imposed on unfree people in the past century, only a brainwashed person could still think it's a good idea.   Clearly it wasn't regulation that resulted in all the innovations that have benefited everyone in the last century.
  • Hugh Laurie joins Apple TV+ hit 'Tehran' for its third season

    I loved seasons 1 and 2 (1 more) so YAY! And Hugh Laurie?  OMFG!  I think his best work is Jeeves and Wooster.  It's a hilarious classic that I can't recommend more highly.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeeves_and_Wooster
  • Apple Fitness+ review: Two years later, barely treads water

    I recently signed up for the Fitness+ trial and it's not bad.  The treadmill workouts are quite good, in fact.  My main problem is that I hate most of the music and I don't care for the "hype" sounds coming from one of the other two runner/walkers.   The coaching etc gives a good workout though.

    I hoped the article would go into other options besides Peloton.  I used a trial of iFit a couple years ago and I liked that a LOT.    iFit integrates with a lot of treadmills and controls the speed and elevation.  They offer "trail" runs and other kinds of workouts in beautiful locations.    I did trail runs in some tropical place, ran along the Boston Marathon, and hiked the Scottish highlands. Really quite good, I am thinking of signing up for that again after the Fitness+ trial ends.
  • NYPD finds AirTag tracking its patrol car

    ronn said:
    "The call is coming from inside...!"

    Rather odd. How would civilians get access to the police vehicle? No one saw them opening the hood of a police car? More likely done on police property by fellow law enforcement. Maybe internal affairs? I thought cars are assigned/signed out on a daily basis. Why would a single car that could be assigned to any pair of officers be targeted?
    Some law enforcement take their cars home. 
  • Meta's 11,000 job cuts may be only the beginning

    13% complete.  87% to go.