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  • TSMC says efforts to rebuild US semiconductor industry are doomed to fail

    rob53 said:
    It has never made sense for China to attack the USA. They own too many business in the US and just about everything we buy is made in China so they'd be killing themselves by killing that market. Furthermore, the US doesn't have the labor force (willing to work) necessary to build the number of products China sells to us. If you think prices are high now, think about how much everything would cost if we brought back manufacturing to the US. The USA is a consumer and farming country, not a large scale manufacturing country. Sure, there are some large scale manufacturing companies but they are dwarfed by what China (and the far east) provides. 

    It didn't make a lot of sense for Russia to attack Ukraine.  You never know what will enter a dictator's head. One thing for sure is that the Chinese government is aware of how much it would cost to bring manufacturing back to the US and they may think (correctly?) that we won't do anything about a Taiwan invasion because of that.  They may also calculate that the damage to their own economy is an acceptable cost.  It's not like they're concerned about the next election.
  • Facebook sued over illegal collection of user data

    I have no line for Facebook and all of the plaintiffs claims may be true but are they illegal? I have no idea. Is there a law that says companies must abide by user preferences or something similar?
    You raise a good point about the state of US privacy law, particularly in comparison to the EU's GDPR.  US privacy law is sector based and offers very specific protections (like HIPAA covering medical information in many contexts) as opposed to the broad and general protection of GDPR that is focused on the private information.

    In the US, the Federal Trade Commission can go after a company for violating their own posted policies as "unfair and deceptive acts and practices"  even if the privacy information didn't have other specific legal protection.

    The law is the FTC Act, see Section 5.  federal-trade-commission-act
  • Ming-Chi Kuo thinks he knows why the iPhone 14 may launch early

    Announcing/shipping a week earlier will reduce recession risk sufficiently to counter the added risk of rushing the announcement?  If the economy really goes to crap then this won't make any difference. 

    Obviously the new model is already in production, etc. but still . . . rushing something like this just increases the chance of something going awry. 
  • No redesign coming to Apple Watch Series 8, says leaker

    I’m more interested in new sensors/health features and care less about a redesign. 
  • Apple hires veteran Lamborghini executive to work on 'Apple Car' team

    timmillea said:
    The Apple Car is Apple's undoing. It is their blindspot because their decisions are US-based and the US is the car-crazy country. Car ownership must be reduced drastically year upon year to around 5% of current levels in order to meet globally agreed climate change targets. Electric mostly shifts the pollution elsewhere and introduces new toxic battery pollutants. Apple should be working on hyper-efficient public transport but mostly in reducing the need to travel at all. 
    Was waiting for the obligatory Apple is Doomed™ comment. You really think they haven't thought any of this through? Do batteries cancel the benefits of halting carbon emissions? How do you know they're not developing public transport? Reducing the need to travel at all? Like, maybe with an advanced VR headset that brings the location to you? Hmm. Better get on the horn and set up that meeting with Tim before he destroys the company!
    You not only got Apple is Doomed but WE'RE ALL DOOMED if we don't meet "globally agreed climate change targets."  Timmillea - it's not a secret that "the globe" is NEVER going anywhere close to meeting those "globally agreed targets" especially with the most populous countries doing NOTHING.

    If you think shifting to EVs only shift the pollution elsewhere, you must have no confidence in solar, wind, hydro, or other clean energy and I assume you're opposed to nuclear energy as well.