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  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    crowley said:
    rob53 said:
    EU is a dictatorship, plain and simple. At this point Apple needs to seriously tell the EU to GTH. The US needs to triple import duties on EU goods effectively shutting the EU down. The US should also reduce exports to the EU and cut off any financial support. 
    Weird how the EU dictatorship has so many elections.  
    Calling the EU a dictatorship seems way overblown, but still, when did the European public get to vote for the EU Council president?  European Commission president?  How about the European parliament president?  That's right, there aren't public elections for those positions.  

  • Jony Ive to guest edit special issue of Financial Times 'How to Spend It' magazine

    I suppose that issue of the magazine will be a bit too thin.
  • Apple looks to move away from China for its new products, says Kuo

    JWSC said:
    Assuming this is true, the recent Shanghai lockdowns have provided Apple with a politically acceptable excuse (from a CCP perspective) for Apple to move a large percentage of its supply chain outside China.  Apple can point to 'supply chain instability' as a business reason, rather than the more concerning aspect of being reliant on business entities within a totalitarian regime that thinks little of human rights.  Apple doesn't want to talk about that with China for fear that it would put them in bad standing with CCP officials.  But the supply chain excuse can be viewed as non-political.
    As defined by western culture. China fighting hard to combat covid is not regarded as human rights by western culture. The western culture regards freedom far supersedes human life. Because Christianity thinks our life is given by God. Death is not regarded termination of life. 
    I don't think the OP is referring to combating COVID when they wrote of human rights.  Perhaps they were referring to the slavery and the genocide - the care for the Uyghurs.  There will surely be other supply chain disruptions such as when China decides to conduct a "special operation" in the "renegade province." 
  • Apple Store opening in Wuhan teased with wallpaper release

    sflocal said:
    This comment thread will go downhill quickly.
    It does look like the employees can walk over to the wet market to grab lunch.  

    The people of Wuhan certainly are victims too but why do we have to pretend like there’s nothing unusual about an Apple Store opening there?
  • Apple executives say creating Mac Studio was 'overwhelming'

    These self-congratulatory things Apple does occasionally should be a bit embarrassing.  The Mac Studio looks like a big Mac Mini and it’s the very computer people have requested for years. Apple folks were not psychic when they determined the need and didn’t come up with a revolutionary new design. Good on you for making the Studio Display speakers good. Why is the camera garbage?

    I seem to recall Ive or somebody gushing over the shape of the Apple Pencil or something like that. It’s some kind of joke.