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  • Apple working on breakthrough glucose sensors for Apple Watch, report says

    Rayz2016 said:
    ivanh said:
    It's all about a tiny sensor. When it's invented, Apple or Samsung uses it, integrate it and write codes for it.  If this kind of sensor has been there, at least one "real" Glucose Level monitor should be using it without a smartphone. Have you ever seen Apple makes even one electronic component in the past?
    Er … yes. 
    Let's start with the A processors, move on to the display controllers in the 5K iMac, the W1 chip in the headphones…
    I think the original question should be "one 'bio-electronic' component." The sensor is the key.  Chips are the last step.

    They usually buy this tech.  Authentec is that sort of purchase... everyone was stuck in 'classic' fingerprint readers until Apple spent 2 years investing in Authentec's technology, and building in the tech to make it 'insanely great'

    The question is, what companies have they bought that we don't know about yet (they usually have several smaller acquisitions that don't get found out for upwards of a year) that have compelling bench technology that requires Apple's skill to miniaturize into a chip. and build at scale.
  • Android becomes world's most used OS online, Apple's iOS & macOS trail

    Fewer and fewer people want to be chained to a clunky laptop that is itself chained to the box that gives it access to the world...

    But, the laptop hangs on -- and will -- because Apple and Google have yet to offer a viable alternative to the things that it does well (without also dealing with its chain-gang mentality).

    ... Steve!   Wherever you are!   Come Back!   We need you!
    and steve would say, if people want to buy old trucks, let them.  He's building cars (and nice new trucks).
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to replace Touch ID home button with 'function area,' start at $1,000

    That 5.15 inch display would be a disappointment. It would shrink the usable screen from the current iPhone 7+ form factor. If this rumor is correct it is $1000 for a phone with a smaller usable screen.
    The wisdom is we pay more for smaller, faster when it comes to mobile.  the 7+ form factor isn't the win, it's a 5.8" screen that fits in your shirt pocket, like a 4.7" screen.
    why can't the 'virtual buttons' be a 'five button' dock where Touch ID and a 3dTouch home region is reserved.

    That said, I'm not yet convinced... I'm waiting for where the ear speaker and camera will be placed on the bezel.   I'm wondering if it's 5.15" because we still need a .6" bezel at the top for a front facing camera and ear speaker.
  • Tim Cook sells another $3.6M batch of Apple stock

    saltyzip said:
    How the other half live. 
    half?   it's a cute phrase, but this is much closer to the 'other half percent'
  • Ice fisher's iPhone 7 Plus survives 13-hour immersion after dunk in Russian river

    My 6s with a cracked screen [barely] survived a 3 second dunk in 6 inches of water this weekend.  
    Within the hour I had blow dried it for 10 minutes, and after getting poor results, I then buried it 8 hours in a pound of rice (best desiccant you can get).

    Before the rice, I was still getting an issue with recognizing no headphones (NOTE: reason why the headphone jack is an issue is that there appears to be a  electronics that detects a jack in place, and it is very water sensitive) , and it wasn't charging, and it took several tries to get it to backup to iTunes (to the point I was concerned I had toasted it). After the rice, everything seems to be good (48 hours and counting).  

    I'm counting down the months to my iP8, as I have a couple 'Pepsi Syndrome' events a year.