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I'm working for a company that sales to petrol stations all sort of products they need, apart from food.

I need to manage my clients, this is clients data (adress and so on), keep a record of the visits I do and the orders and also keep a record of the things they buy in order to help them to realize what they sell well and what they don't.
I'm looking for a program (free or not) that helps me to do that.

I also need to make orders from a catalog, not "copy-paste" like but more kind of a "look-up" formula in numbers.

Does anybody know a program that can help? (if it has an iphone app too would be perfect)

I bought Bento3 hoping a lot and it disapointed me a little bit. It is a really good program but it doesn't do what i thought it would, tho they may include that in future

Mac rocks!