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This problem is really frustrating and I would really appreciate some guidance because I'm completely stuck. I have been trying for many hours over the past few days to get my iPod touch to sync with iTunes on my PC. When I plug my iPod touch into my PC, iTunes opens up and this message pops up:
"This iPod cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install iTunes again."
I have completely removed iTunes from my PC several times and reinstalled it several times but this message continues to pop up and its really annoying because I can't put my music onto my iPod. I have followed instructions on the apple website which were to temove iTunes and related components from the Control Panel and then restart the PC and reinstall iTunes again. I've tried this several times and it simply didn't work and the error message continues to pop up when I plug my iPod into my PC. I really need to know what is the software required so that I can use my iPod with iTunes on my PC. I can't explain how much I'd appreciate help with this. Thanks in advance.