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AT&T shared data plans launch late August, start at $45 per smartphone - Page 5

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When I see how much smartphone data costs these days, I am very glad I use a dumb phone without paying for data, plus owning an iPod Touch for most of the features I would use a smartphone for if I had one.  The rising costs for mobile data is a sure cure for iPhone envy on my part.

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Sorry Ohnka but I can't let your ill-informed remark go.


Let's take a typical European market -- Spain.  OK, it's not Ireland, but it's better than that -- it's the same population as California spread out over a significantly larger area.  Spain's biggest carrier, Telefonica, has more than FIVE TIMES as many towers as California's biggest carrier, AT&T, for about the same number of subscribers.  It's an especially good example of how European wireless networks in general have been built.  Sure, there have been occasional setbacks, such as the cluster of lawsuits that has delayed 4G rollout in Britain.  But the overall picture is very good indeed, and very affordable for the customer.  Bottom line, the Europeans have built out more robust networks over which they provide services at lower cost, with stronger competition between the phone companies, and they still manage to make a profit.  Why have they done this?  Basically because of tougher government regulation, primarily making licenses "use-it-or-lose-it" in that they establish certain minimum standards for network quality and capacity for you not to lose part of your spectrum.  


Letting phone companies in the US get by with the excuse that they have to cover more area is a terrible copout.  Using West Virginia as an example is an even worse copout; even outside the government's wireless quiet zone in the eastern border area of the state, wireless service there is especially and inexcusably bad.  


US phone companies have been provided with very generous license terms at relatively low auction cost by the US government, and they've responded by getting fat, lazy, over-administered and greedy -- rather like too much of the rest of corporate America.  Those of our businesses that actually have international competition (e.g. cars) got into serious trouble.  Unfortunately, it's not nearly as easy for an outsider to take on the phone company, so if you want to think about what your cars would have been like without international standards of high regulation and high competition, think about your wireless phone service.  Frankly it makes me think of a Chevy Vega.

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Has AT&T gone stupid or what? Who the hell is going to sign up to this brain dead shared plan. The day they take away my grand fathered unlimited iPhone plan, I am out of AT&T. I have been AT&T customer for any years, even prior to iPhone, but they have consistently tried to screw me over. I am so tempting to just move to Sprint for there unlimited plan. Sure they might not have the best coverage outside of metropolitan area, but majority of my time usage has been in metro area.


You must be seriously bad at math.
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Because our jobs actually require us to txt a lot to people that are not family nor on AT&T.  I have to say though that since iMessage the # of actual SMS have dropped significantly, but not enough to switch to the lower 200 plan.  Her dad at $5 is just the average cost of his monthly txt, he's not actually on a plan, we just pay per txt for his phone.


Unlimited family messaging is not restricted to sending messages to your family. It allows everyone in your family to send unlimited messages to anyone.
It is irrelevant now. The shared plan is still a better deal.
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I'm glad AT&T still gives new customers ability to choose the existing plans unlike Verizon.

As much as I like shared data plans, I don't see any benefit in switching to those plans. I currently pay $170, after taxes and discounts, for a 700min family plan with unlimited messaging consisting of 2 iPhone 4S (each with 2GB data) and 2 basic phones. Under the new plans, I would have to pay $210 and that is before taxes and discounts.
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