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Okay, when I heard about new iMacs and iPods coming out, I held off on purchasing so I'd be able to use my free Nano discount on that. Now, I expected that it wouldn't work with a new nano, but what's up with the deal not working with the new iMac?? That's just weird.

And isn't it funny how the Apple store and Hot News page still have the free iPod with computer purchase, when in fact noone purchasing the current items can get it and the old items can't be purchased (at least online).

Now, I resigned myself for paying for the Nano and go to order the new one this morning, and theirs no education discount on it!!! WTF? It's almost a day now, they can't simply have forgotten! Is there some sort of precedent for this type of thing? I though there were always edu. discounts on this stuff.

APPLE- Where is the love, man???