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Announcing Developement of the ZuneCam!
I was thinking last week when it occurred to me that we were trying to get into everything except cameras! I picked up the phone and called TOG (That Other Guy) since Ray-Oz is always on vacation somewhere, I said,

"Hey, TOG, why don't we make a camera? Everybody would buy one! We could come out with some proprietary graphics format to try to kill off that jpeg stuff!"
TOG: "Yes sir Mr. Ballmer!"
"Let's call the format jpeg XR"
TOG: "Yes sir Mr. Ballmer!"
"Give the camera some kinda' super lens and fuse it to a Zune!"
TOG: "I'm getting excited Mr. Ballmer!"
"I'm just a little ticked, do I have to think up everything around here?"
TOG: "Yes sir Mr. Ballmer!"
"Get the NtN's (Nasal toned Nerds) on it right now, form a few committees to spec and design it, float some rumors on the Internet and spend a few million on some desperate digital camera parts company!"
TOG: "Not a problem Mr. Ballmer, I'll start it off with some of the funds from the **DDSF account!"
"Oh, yeah, I won't remember any of this by tomorrow so zap me an e-mail for the records. bye."

Just after I hung up I thought about why we made TOG such a high level executive. He's a good sounding board, he challenges you, makes you think! I could really use a few hundred more like him.

**Discretionary Disinformation Slush Fund