Apple now selling access to WWDC presentations via iTunes



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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    Maybe he was thinking of "befuddle."

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    abster2coreabster2core Posts: 2,501member
    Originally Posted by hypercommunist View Post


    I'll take that one.
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    Originally Posted by Abster2core View Post

    @ itistoday

    And why anybody, particularly a Select member, would think that getting the odd snippet or two isn't really serious or a f* liar. Or are you a genius that wants to be a neurosurgeon via a correspondence school or reading the table of contents in Coles Notes?

    Pardon me, but could you say that again in English?
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    timgriff84timgriff84 Posts: 912member
    Originally Posted by al_bundy View Post

    If you a Microsoft dev you would pay for Msdn and all dev events they hold

    Msdn subscriptions are only for the software. All the videos etc are free!

    Just like apple to charge people to learn how to produce for there platform dispite the fact that if people didn't make software for macs then nobody would buy them.
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    Originally Posted by itistoday View Post

    Pardon me, but could you say that again in English?

    Ummm, (that's for YOU, Wilco )

    If you cannot comprehend Abster2core's comment, then it was more than likely directed at folks like yourself?

    Just sayin'
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