More than 2,200 AT&T retail locations given makeover



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    As I recall, AT&T and SBC did not merge; SBC purchased AT&T and then changed its name to AT&T.

    That is correct. See

    Most so-called 'mergers' are, in actuality, acquisitions of one company by the other.
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    Originally Posted by saarek View Post

    What a pointless article, what does this have to do with Apple, are we going to get news flash updates every time some major company that just happens to sell Apple products decides to update it's stores?

    True- I prefer those SJ spotted at a ColdPlay concert articles anyday over this.
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    Originally Posted by iGroucho View Post

    Seems they're mainly gearing up in preparation for a coming Apple netbook... talking about the one Nostradamus predicted?
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    Originally Posted by Contegni View Post

    Wait... I see you are in Gainesville and you get 3G now? Thank God - I'm going on a family trip to my aunt's house just outside of Gainesville next week. Last year when I went all I got was a weak EDGE signal. At least it was faster than her dial up connection on her ancient Dell computer.

    Yeah, 3G service in Gainesville are awesome. I haven't had any problems. Do not sign up in Ocala b/c they don't currently offer 3G network down there yet. I moved to Durham, NC few weeks ago and their 3G service is OK, but not the best. Gainesville 3G is better. I dunno why.
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    Spend the money on the network.
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    Sadly, very sadly, I returned my iPhone to the Apple Store 12 hours after purchase. I live in the middle of the Phoenix area in a very densely populated community, and I was unable to get AT&T service in my home. So glad to hear the AT&T stores will look nicer, but I'll never step foot in one. I'm holding out for iPhone on Verizon.

    TRUE STORY: After the AT&T customer service technician tried unsuccessfully to help me, he confided in me that his personal mobile phone is on Verizon because "AT&T doesn't have reliable coverage in most of the areas I find myself." So much for his worry that the call would be recorded for quality control!

    THEN when I returned the phone to the Apple Store, the customer service guy was so understanding. I thought that was odd since I was returning a product and there were no questions asked or any sort of "are you sure?!?". Then when we were done and chatting about AT&T, he showed me his personal mobile phone -- also on Verizon.

    WAKE UP, APPLE! AT&T may be good for some folks, but for a very disappointed large group of us, your exclusive arrangement is a showstopper. You've saturated the AT&T market -- now you're just pissing people off. Switch to Verizon and you'll sell many, many more millions of iPhones.

    An iPhone without a functional phone is just an i, and I already have two of those...
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