13 iNCH or 15 iNCH? Hmmmm; decisions, decisions....

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im really considering buying a MBP but am stuck as to which size screen to get. APPLE.com has 13 inch refurbs w/a 2.53 ghz proc., 4gig of ram and a 250gbhd for 1299 and a 15 inch for the same price with 2gig ram and 250gig hd and a 2.4 processor. please people help me! ill be using it for some light picture editing, browsing, music, etc. i know i probably wont need that much ram but i figured having the extra memory wouldnt hurt in the long run as well as the 2.53 proc. honestly i want to go with the 15inch but the higher mem. and better processor on the 13 inch is whats holding me back...would i even see a difference between the 2.4 and 2.53 processor? because if not, than i might go with the 15 inch and upgrade the memory myself....or should i get the mbp 13inch brand new w/the standard 2.26 ghz with 4gig ram and 320gig hd for 1279 w/student discount? again will i see a major difference w/a 2.2, 2.4, and 2.5 ghz processor...id expect the higher the number the better, but is it that much of a difference to justify the increase in price.?


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    It's hard to follow what you are saying here. "..." doesn't substitute for good punctuation and paragraphs.

    I just went from a 15" to a 13". I don't miss the 15". I would have gotten a 13" at the time if apple offered it. For me I want a laptop that travels well. So 13" fits the bill.
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    ill be using it for some light picture editing, browsing, music, etc.

    So you'll really be using it as if it were a deluxe NetBook.

    In that case I would go the whole nine yards and get the 13" with all the bells & whistles to make it a really super-duper 'deluxe NetBook'.

    That's not for me though. I like a screen with ample real estate, and not really a laptop, but a mobile work station. Something that gives me the whole package with full capabilities on site when I want or need it. The 17" MacBook Pro. I'm on my second one (next to a few iMacs).

    The penalty is weight of course. Though that promotes careful handling = lifespan.

    But overkill for "some light picture editing, browsing, music, etc.".
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