Possible Sept. 9 Apple TV refresh report rebuffed



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    Originally Posted by Logisticaldron View Post

    But not a better selection. I can rent movies from iTS the day many movies hit as DVDs but Netflix does not have them as streaming downloads. On top of that, the Netflix quality is not as good as iTS.

    Netflix and Amazon both have a better selection.
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    Originally Posted by xwiredtva View Post

    If it's all iPods, I'm getting a Zune.

    Better hurry! They are being discontinued, unless you want a Zune HD soon you'll be out of luck!
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    Originally Posted by Apple13 View Post

    What is appleTV? It's almost exactly like an iPod. It's got the music and video watching capabilities. It's got YouTube (like the iPod touch and iPhone). You can download videos and music staright from the iTunes store. This belongs in the same category as iPod and iTunes. It is most like an iPod but one with no screen that you hook up to a screen.

    I've been surprised that Apple doesn't make that link, in both ways, very clearly. Perhaps they're waiting to get their media strategy together.

    I mean - why not build a dock with IR port, so that the iPod Touch or iPhone can be placed in the dock and immediately offer the AppleTV interface on the TV. Local music & video, youtube, streamed content from iTunes, whatever... it could be quite an easy introduction to the AppleTV.
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