Inside Mac OS X Snow Leopard: GPU Optimization



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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    I agree, I prefer things to just be snappy than waste my time with transitions.

    One possible non-user benefit of 3D desktop is to the Apple programmers. i.e. It's probably easier to program Expose by telling the 3D card that windows are objects moving away from you, than to code it using 2D APIs.

    It depends on what kind of acceleration is available in 2D land. I understand the general idea, but I really don't know the full extent or specifics of what is available to the programmer. Exposé can be done efficiently and cleverly in 2D with simple 2D scaling and layering. Even the "3D" change user effect can be done pretty well in 2D, though I don't know if it is or not.
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    As a Pro, i would just like to see Logic stop crashing. It never crashed in Leopard, w/SL, it crashes at least once per session.
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