Microsoft ships Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition

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Microsoft Wednesday shipped its new SKU for Office 2008 for Mac: Business Edition. Announced last month, the new product will be sold alongside the current product available for students. Business Edition aims to simplify the product lineup, and includes Entourage Web Services Edition and Microsoft Document Connection for Mac.

Microsoft worked closely with its beta testers for the new Office 2008 in order to meet their requiremenets. The new SKU will also include over 200 new templates and clip art to help businesses project a more professional image. The suggested retail price for the new Business Edition is the same as the current Standard Edition, $399 for the full product and $239 to upgrade.

Office 2010 for Mac is expected to debut in time for the holidays next year. It will mark the return of Outlook, which will rely on a new database, sync with Microsoft Exchange, and be compatible with Outlook for Windows. In addition, the program will be written in Cocoa from the ground up, aiming to give Mac users a true native feel.


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    So that means that Office 2008 will maybe be out by the end of 2009 and the new Office 2010 might indeed be ready for the beginning of 2011. Am I missing something? Why release a product that has an outdated name before it's even released? Maybe Ford will introduce their new 2008 Mustang soon. Go figure...
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    Originally Posted by macSince1984 View Post

    Am I missing something?

    Yes. Office 2008 did come out in 2008. This is just a "tweaked" "business edition"; the main Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps are the same but there's some extra Entourage/Exchange related stuff.
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