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  • hornedfrog53
    iMazing allows you to specify alternate locations for your iPhone/iPad backups. This includes external drives and NAS drives. 
    September 17
  • wemclaughlins
    Clearly a case of user error.  Everybody is typing wrong.  Just glad I bought my maxed 2015!
    April 30
  • Indelible
    Most of the comments are of a low information level of amateurism. So this is who make up the world of technology. So sad but sadly true.
    Remember, Tech-no nothings....., it is better to be THOUGHT OF as a FOOL, than to speak out and REMOVE ALL DOUBT> That is the epitaph of those commenters...
                                                    ...Just a Thought! 
    April 20
  • robin huber
    Sure wish you’d find another word to intro videos other than “Watch:” Whenever I see one I think it’s a story about the Watch. 
    April 19
  • chronart
    Is there sound on this video?
    September 2017
  • rrgaap
    After purchasing three Magic Mouses, my third one either fell apart, or stopped working due to using it in a stationary location.  I've conceded that the lifespan of most chargers or accessories are a year or two at best.  

    However, a year ago I again paid $79 for the NEW Magic Mouse 2 which charges with the lighting cord.  That worked fine and was simple. The mouse is in perfect condition but when I booted up my Macbook Pro the other day, it recognized the mouse, connected, and I proceeded to begin moving the arrow. Except it didn't move. 

    I read every possible problem but all were successful yet apparently the closely examined optical piece which wasn't scratched, cracked, or had anything thing like dust in it. However, I followed the instructions of the Aftercare Tech and sprayed some canned air lightly on it just in case but the thing was dead.  

    In my experience, like the multiple cords that simply come apart where no other cords have ever done that, yet after fifteen or so cords, you always keep a spare. Its the replacement of the entire charging unit because the magnetic connector begin fraying and can't be replaced without the whole charger being replaced.  Years of $79, $89, $30, with each additional iPadd or iPhone all following the same path.  Of course, I've memorized why these are not covered because the user doesn't use them properly. Same song with the one year iPhone 6 battery, until I got a new one and followed the recommendations to the letter and that battery lasted all day and more. Until a few months later, even continuing to charge it exactly as instructed, it slowly began to last less and less time as if it had a built in timer to be fully drained within a one to two year period. However my iPhone 4, not used for at least three years will still boot up because it had enough charge in it. LOL     I'm a tech.  I know when an led or a sensor simply burns out.  I don't know if a year is up but somehow I'm sure it is. I purchased it at Best Buy and again wisely, Apple doesn't provide Applecare on disposable accessories.  Similar to a plastic spoon but it cost you $70 !

    They don't repair these things they just replace them. If its past the one year warranty, then its worthless.  However, I noticed that I had a box of logitech mouses that still needed the usb to connect to my laptop from many years ago.  The technology changed and improved, but it seems that the units themselves never went bad.  I found one that still used an infrared but it was wireless. I put in a fresh set of double A batteries.  Plugged the USB into my MACbook Pro. Turned on the Mouse, then pressed the small button on the USB stick and then the connect button on the mouse and wouldn't you know it, the two immediately synced and while it doesn't have the gestures, but only the left and right buttons and a wheel to move the page up and down, AT LEAST THE %$#$ THING WORKS.   I have a box of brand new expensive devices from Apple that because they haven't had a firmware upgrade in six years and the OS keeps changing, the logic the Time Capsule uses is no longer relevant.  
    I liked the Magic Mouse 2.   If only the wholesale cost of the hardware used to make it was more than $10 and the markup was $60.   If you are gonna make inferior plastic toys, then price them at $20, the normal profit margin. Or even $30.   Use the millions spent for reviewers to overlook the quality and just upgrade the quality.  Then PC Magazine won't be ignored because they'll give a Pinto five stars if the money is right.  But then everyone could make a fair profit and the customer not end up being the one that is living in poverty so Apple can build a Google Castle to live in.   Fair enough??    :)
    July 2017
  • gdbice
    My iPad recently updated to the latest 10.2.1. Now Messenger and YouTube will not update. I have tried to delete the two apps but it will not allow me to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, I am not tech savvy 
    February 2017
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    January 2017
  • ibagwan
    GREAT article Daniel. It is so tiring to see all the rabid anti-Apple fake news. All the fake news has ruined the tech media just like it's ruined MSM. It's terrible that Google can flood the media with BS news about Pixel but Apple takes a hit on virtually everything. Thanks for a small bit of truth in tech media, well done.
    January 2017
  • robin huber
    I think the expression the headline uses should be "ruffles" not "rustles."
    September 2016
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    March 2016
  • claudeman1
    Munster has been wrong SO MANY times.

    How many millions of 5 and 5s users are there---50 million?
    February 2016
  • stevie
    Apple will do it if and only if it will maximize total profits.
    January 2016
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    December 2015