Google introduces mobile search options for iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Google on Thursday released a new feature for users of the iPhone, iPod touch and other mobile handsets called "Search Options." The new link, found in the upper right corner of search results, offers users the ability to filter search results based on a number of criteria, including the type of content and the timeframe in which it was posted.

In announcing the product on the official Google Mobile Blog, the search giant offered the following scenario:

"For example, suppose you are shopping at a store for a camera, and you would like to see what users have been saying about a specific model within the past week," it said. "You can do this simply by searching for the name of the product. Then, on the search results page, use 'Options' to filter by 'Forums' and refine further by choosing 'Past week.'"

Users can test the feature by searching on and selecting the options drop-down menu.
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