New 27" iMac designed to also work as a display



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    It?s ONE-WAY. Any source coming from a DP/mDP port can output to a device that receives HDMI/DVI. Going from HDMI/DVI to DP/mDP isn?t native to the DisplayPort specs. Or are you saying that choose to implement the output from their Macs to HDMI HDTVs, despite your insistence that the spec is not compatible, only the cable itself is compatible


    The DisplayPort connector has extra pins that can optionally be used to carry a DVI (which is the same as HDMI) video signal. Optionally. Optional. The manufacturer of the device decides, and has to provide a TMDS transmitter (aka a DVI controller chip) if they do it. Apple decided to do it on the mDP outputs on its computers, so that a simple adapter can drive a single-link DVI monitor.

    For an example of a DisplayPort output that cannot be connect to a DVI monitor with a simple adapter, look at ATI's new 5000 series graphics cards. Their DisplayPort has no TMDS transmitter, so the only way to connect it to a DVI display is with an expensive active signal converter.
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    Well, we seem to have tentative closure on this topic (HDMI/DVI video input to the iMac). AppleInsider now has an article which basically confirms what I and several others have been saying for the last several days. Here is the link:
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