Apple's Boot Camp will not support Windows 7 on some 2006 Macs



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    Originally Posted by Erunno View Post

    Such naivety, how cute. Apple has one and only one conviction: Making money. Everything else, including the messages conveyed in the ads, are the means to that end. If that means badmouthing your competitor while still offering people the reassurance that they can go back to Windows if they want to, then so be it. If Jobs doing pole dancing will increase revenue, guess who'll appear next in a string tanga...

    It might make them money, but it dilutes their image somewhat. It's not really a question of money, I simply expect Apple to stand by what they believe in. I find it rather funny that they've betrayed their own message. I'm sure there are other people who have picked up on this.
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    erunnoerunno Posts: 225member
    Originally Posted by mrochester View Post

    I simply expect Apple to stand by what they believe in.

    That's what I'm trying to tell you: They do stand by what they believe in: $$$. Two seemingly contradicting behaviors are perfectly fine under that premise. Apple does not have any other ulterior motives. Don't try to interpret too much into their advertisement.
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    Originally Posted by bartfat View Post

    Seems like Apple is discontinuing support for any machines that are older than 3 years... right after AppleCare ends. Either could a move to cut support costs, since those users aren't paying for support anymore and they have to update the drivers, or they simply decided that Windows 7 performance was mediocre on these machines. Makes me wonder how the general PC market that still has Core Duos with 2GB of RAM will also cope with Windows 7's performance. Ah well, I have one of those machines, it runs great with Snow Leopard and I virtualize XP and that runs great, so I don't care

    Then again, it could a carrot to lure us laggards that won't upgrade their machines every few years to actually do the upgrade that we wanted, but always seemed to put off

    Oh wait, I forgot there could be another reason. ATI and nVidia just won't update 3-year-old graphics chip drivers (for graphic cards they discontinued 2 years ago) for Windows 7.

    No, I don't think so. I'm running 7 on nVidia 6800 in office, and I'm pretty sure it is older than 3 years. Anyway, any graphics card capable of DX9 will do Aero on 7, and older cards will do without Aero tricks. We managed to install 7 on 10 years old Toshiba Satellite 1000, running [email protected] and Intel 830GM; no Aero, but fully functional.
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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    You'll eventually be able to install Win 7.

    But really, who cares.

    Looks like majority of Mac users around here to me.
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    My 2006 Mac Pro Quad 2.66GHz runs 64-Bit Windows 7 Ultimate like a dream, the only difficult bit was getting the Snow Leopard Boot Camp drivers to install from the DVD... 10 seconds of Google research solved that. The installation complained that 64-Bit was unsupported on my machine, due to the 32-Bit EFI, but if you run the program as Admin it all works fine. And Windows 7 updated my 1st Gen 8800 GT drivers straight away, Crysis flies along (Let's face it, Windows is really only useful for games). So yeh, as many have said: "not supported" means just that, Apple won't support it, but it probably will work.
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    erunnoerunno Posts: 225member
    Hopefully the new boot camp will include a driver for the light sensor. OS X does a good job of automatically adjusting the monitor luminosity and since 7 finally supports this as well I don't see a reason why Windows users should not benefit from build-in hardware.
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    Originally Posted by apsynknod View Post

    Just found out I can connect my xbox 360 elite to the new 27" iMac. Nothing else matters.

    lol That's pimp.
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