VMware releases Fusion 3 for Mac with full Windows 7 support



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    Originally Posted by a Martin View Post

    Just because you can attach a mouse and keyboard to the console doesn't mean all games support them. In fact I'm quite sure they're just a select few.

    I am only aware of 1: UT3 for PS3. I don't think its even an option to support mouse/keyboard on the xbox. Also, I'm wondering if valve is letting them mix, or regulating the keyboard mouse ut3 players to "dumb them down" a bit so there isn't such an unfair advantage.

    Originally Posted by a Martin View Post

    I don't think that PC gaming will die in the near future. The graphics and processors always evolve faster. It's just to take a look at the games of today. The PC versions of the games support higher resolutions and anti-aliasing etc. etc.

    Yeah. For now, at least, the PC games on the high end are still the leading edge. PC hardware evolves more regularly even though when the latest consoles came out they leap-frogged the pc a little. The relentless march of cheap PC horsepower has passed them again :-)
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    Originally Posted by a Martin View Post

    As said I think the problem is that Apple don't offer systems with as strong graphic cards as what you get if you buy (or build) a mid-tower PC. The only comparable option from Apple is the Mac Pro which is very expensive with its ?server class? processors (Xeon) and memory (EEC).

    Can someone please explain why Apple isn't offering a more affordable desktop? Or why they decided to go with Xeon processors etc. in the Mac Pro? What I hear the performance isn't exactly better compared to Intel's ?standard? desktop processors. \

    Another problem is of course that most Windows games uses Microsoft's DirectX to get the graphics on screen while Mac OS X uses OpenGL. It doesn't seem to be a super easy task to port a DirectX game to OpenGL.

    While I'm at it ? where the heck is Unreal Tournament III for Mac OS X?

    The affordable mid-tower - the mythical "xMac" has been talked to death, and I don't want to beat that horse any more. Although I'd buy one, the general consensus seems to be that Apple sees this as a commodity market that they don't want to be in.

    The workstation class processors used in the mac pros were better when they came out, but the latest "standard" desktop processors from intel are probably better. The next mac pros will probably leap-frog them again.

    Most of the best windows games support both DirectX and OpenGL, so I don't think that is too much of an issue.

    UT3 for Mac? Epic sure as hell won't do it. Most of the titles you do see out there for Mac, like call of duty, unreal tournament 2004, Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey etc. were not released by the company that created them, but were ported by smaller shops. My understanding is that the ports of all these games fall way short compared to the windows versions.
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    Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post

    When running Windows 7, the system can't find my network after Fusion 3 upgrade and Windows 7 install.

    Mac runs fine, but no network for PC.

    Upgraded from Vista, which worked fine (although sluggish).

    Windows 7 runs faster but can't find the network.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!


    1. Chances are this is being caused by the Network setting in VMware Fusion. Your choices are NAT, Bridged or Host Only. Mine is set to Bridged on a LAN due to my need to connect to other Windows devices at my day job. However, your situation may be different.

    2. Go to this website http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/vmware-fusion-3 , and download the free ebook "Take Control of VMware Fusion 3".

    3. Read pages 82-84 for additional details on the differences in network settings.

    4. Good luck and let us know if any of this helps.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    Upgraded to VMware 3.0 a few hours ago on my 1st-gen MacBook Air running Snow Leopard. I am seriously impressed with the upgrade. Version 2.06 under Snow Leopard introduced a few quirks which was enough for me to recommend other users to hold-off Snow Leopard until VMware resolves the issues.

    Now with 3.0, not only are the quirks gone but the overall speed and system stability has greatly improved. This is an upgrade I highly recommend to anyone looking to use XP in a virtual environment. Way to go VMware!

    I'll be installing Windows 7 in the next week or two just to see how that goes.

    Couldn't agree me with the kudos to VMware. Somebody finally got it right.
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    I bought this for £30 yesterday (online through their academic store as I am studying) and it is really good.

    However - when I go to About this mac>more info>applications it does not say that it's 64 bit. Doesn't really matter to me as it's fast enough but it's advertised as 64bit if i'm correct?
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    Originally Posted by Wicked666 View Post

    However - when I go to About this mac>more info>applications it does not say that it's 64 bit. Doesn't really matter to me as it's fast enough but it's advertised as 64bit if i'm correct?

    VMware consists of two different components:

    1) The management GUI, which is 32-bit

    2) The actual runtime, which is (supposedly) 64-bit.

    Chances are, you're seeing the management GUI, since the actual runtime isn't visible as an application from outside the management GUI. You can validate this by going into the process monitor when you have VMware fired up and seeing if a 64-bit VMware process shows up.
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    Wow - I installed this yesterday and it is amazing. I can now play Civilization IV (PC version) in a Windows 7 x64 VM.

    It will look extra good on the new 27" iMac, with all that real estate for having PC and Mac programs on the screen at the same time. Good job VMWare guys.
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    Originally Posted by -AG- View Post

    Ok let me clear this post up a little because it seems that a few people have taken it the wrong way.

    The other night i had a discussion with a guy that is VERY pro PC. We both agreed that the future of gaming is console, so the high end market of gaming was pretty much covered. But then there was those games that we both used to love when we went to lans etc.

    Such as Need For Speed Underground 2, Quake 3, Counterstrike, Command and Conquer etc etc.

    For these "older generation" of games there were not too many ports to the mac OS. And running on emulation mode was a bitch to say the least

    Sure porting 68000 and later PowerPC machines was a bear and emulation was at best slow (Boch on the Mac in those days was said to have to have 'all the speed of a dying dog taking his last dump' and that was an accurate description) but the Intel mac changed all that when it came out in 2006.

    However even in those days there were efforts made in the OpenSource community:

    Command & Conquer (1995) came to the Mac as FreeCNC in 2002.

    Quake 3 (1999) came to the the Mac in the form of OpenArena in 2005
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