Arg! X-Files is Ending

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That's right, as of May there will be no more X-files. Oh God no!

Oh, well. In a couple years I'll be able to pick up all nine seasons and the mlovie on DVD on the cheap. I've never seen the first two seasons. I wonder what they'll belike.


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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    This is a good thing.

    The last couple of seasons have really been bad. It's good that they are killing it off when it still hasn't turned completely sour.
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    Don't mourn. I was a long time X-files guy but stopped watching this year because of the declining quality . It should have ended last year, but greed kept it going.
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    I'm a big time x-files fan, and this is a good thing. Somehow the show went from creapy and filled with conspiracies to more of a soap opera.
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    [quote]Originally posted by cdhostage:

    <strong> I've never seen the first two seasons. I wonder what they'll belike.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Check them out.. good stuff!
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    yup. I think it's a good thing that they are ending it. It seemed like the quality went down severly after the movie.
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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    I just love this website!


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    ybotybot Posts: 329member
    I *used* to watch the X-Files, but the past 2 or 3 seasons have been soo boring. Alien impregnation after impregnation. Mulder is missing, oh wait, there he is, OH NO that was an alien! It did become a boring soap opera.

    I'll keep my Season 1 & 2 DVDs because that was when the show was at it's best IMHO. I liked the whole creepy paranormal investigatory aspect of the show, but they seemed to drop that in favour of other boring things.

    Oh well, Seinfeld did it best when he realized his show was on top of it's game and he decided to shut it down right then and there. That way every episode was good.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Ybot:

    <strong>Oh well, Seinfeld did it best when he realized his show was on top of it's game and he decided to shut it down right then and there. That way every episode was good. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Except for the last one. Boy, did the finale stink.
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    [quote]Originally posted by roger_ramjet:


    Except for the last one. Boy, did the finale stink.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    yup.... pure irony. eh?
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    Replace "Arg!" with "Thank God; it's about time --that show lived well past its prime to descend into the murky depths of Suckville", then I'll agree with you.


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    I have the first 4 seasons on DVD and am almost done w/ season 1. I had never watched X-Files before. Some of my favorites from season 1 are E.B.E. and Ice (kinda like the movie "The Thing").

    BTW, does anyone know what seaosn the movie is supposed to follow?
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I haven't watched it in years. It used to be good but I think it's pretty bad now.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I agree with all you guys here on this. The show has lost its purpose and footing and has been aimlessly sludging around for a good two years or more.

    Although, I totally dig Doggett and Reyes and wouldn't mind seeing just a regular, less sci-fi show based on their characters. They make a good combo and Reyes is hot.

    But the whole Mulder/Scully thing, the conspiracy stuff, the "is he or isn't he?" plotlines, etc. simply ran their course.

    Yes, after the feature film a few years ago tidied up and answered so many questions, the show really didn't seem to have reason to exist. They had to find new "bad guys" and stuff, and it just got silly.

    "Soap opera" is a perfect word for it.

    I think they should've ended it 2 years ago. But it was/is a quality show that changed television and contributed greatly to pop culture and entertainment.

    Most TV shows should be that well written, clever and watchable. They had a good, solid run and now it's time to move on.

    Gillian might be looking for work. If she needs a place to crash for a while...

    She can bring Reyes too and I'll be the peanut butter in a Scully/Reyes sandwich.

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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    hahaha... jumping the shark. I thought it was a clever eupemism for... never mind.
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    The X-Files went into steady decline after the movie. It should have stopped there.
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    Again, after which season are you supposed to watch the movie?
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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    They need to put out a book "X-Files for Dummies" and bundle it with the complete season of the X-Files on DVD.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,672member
    NewFlash: X-Files has been over for a long time. It has sucked for at least 3 years.
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    I just post cause I read 10-Files. It's Apple's fault.
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    robertprobertp Posts: 139member
    It is time for Chris Carter to bow out and leave well enough alone. What started out in 1993 as the greatest show on tv has grown long in the tooth. It is now time to try and salvage what he can and explain the alien conspiracy and let us move along to watch the reruns of the original seasons of greatness. (seasons 1-5 imho).
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