Web search statistics show Bing stagnant, Google growing



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    Originally Posted by Eye Forget View Post

    Suggest reading the thread.

    Suggest you read the Comscore Press Release
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    Originally Posted by nuvolino View Post

    "BING" = FAIL lol

    i refuse to use it just because its microsoft lol

    That's not funny.
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    I've used Bing lots of times now and have found it to be useful in its own way. But it's no Google, and I doubt if it ever can be. For starters, Bing doesn't have Google's depth of search and wide variety of services. But on the other hand, Bing did/does not have the amount of garbage that plugs up some Google searches. (If you've ever tried searching for information on an IC or other electronic component, you'll know what I mean.)

    Google puts me off because I have a Tor exit node running on my network, and it's quite clear that they don't like the confounding effect this has on their data collection processes. (Yes, I make the assumption that Google knows a lot more than they tell and is perhaps a bit evil in this area.) What they say is "your computer is making automated queries and has been blocked to "protect" other users". They really mean that my running a Tor exit node results in them seeing a much less accurate view of what I and others on my network are really looking for. And I'm reasonably sure they don't like it.

    That is what drives me to Bing, and yes, I'm juggling the two search engines at the moment. However, Bing comes across as annoying with its insistence on being "image heavy" where Google gets straight to the point. I'd like to see Bing move to a model where the search page and results are straightforward and to the point, without the background image (although the search hotspots in said image are kind of cool).
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    Deleted - already mentioned by other posters...
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    Originally Posted by pauz View Post

    this is not good news at all. google is now apple's #1 competitor.

    That's why we have articles bashing Google when the need arises
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