iPhone app enables one-way video chat

in iPhone edited January 2014
One-way video chat has been added to Fring, a free app for the iPhone which serves as a unified platform for contacts across multiple chat clients. The chat is only one-way, allowing iPhone users to receive video chat requests but does not allow for use of the camera on the iPhone itself for chatting. This limitation is according to the developer, "due to the location of the camera" on the iPhone.

The video functionality is available over the Wi-Fi connection and supports video though Skype to Fring and Fring to Fring chat.

Fring supports a variety of communication platforms including: Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and also offers support for a number of VoIP providers. Fring also interacts with Facebook, Last.fm and Google Mail.


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    if the cam is facing forward, you could stand in front of a mirror... if one were handy, and it was -that- important to you.
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