Apple acquires music streaming service Lala



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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    The NYT's article states that Apple is not buying the rights to stream music, as those rights are not transferable to any company buying LaLa. LaLa was not making money and offered itself to Apple.

    Apple merely is buying the companies patents [if it has any}, and it's engineering talent.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by Shogun View Post

    ...but probably music you already own. They'll scan your iTunes and then give you access to those songs anywhere.

    I?ve been thinking about this from a business PoV Would Apple charge for this same type service?

    Would it be the same or more? Apple?s operations costs do seem have shrunk drastically per song from when the store first opened so I can see an opportunity for this to be a free, value-added service for music you have already bought from iTS. This means that it doesn?t require your iTunes DB to contacted, just the iTunes server so it can retrieve your purchase history. This might encourage more legal downloads.

    This might also be a proactive measure to thwart Google?s Chrome OS from using it?s webcode-based OS from making iTunes and subsequently the iTunes Store obsolete for many consumers.
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    All I get is a blank page when I go to their site... with a header strip on the top. Does it work with Safari? I just got a new iMac with 10.6.2 preloaded...
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    Originally Posted by steviet02 View Post

    Man, just jump on the sword already and do us all a favor. Give yourself up for the overall cause of the group you support.

    juxt making a poor joke

    i deleted out my whole post

    sorry bad day yesterday

    i don't support any group

    i only support freedom of speech


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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    This post about your irritation at another poster using "umm" in a post is far more irritating than the use of "umm" in the original post. Umm...

    umm.. is wonderful

    sometimes a simple hmm is all we need



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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    What if Apple is just interested in the licensing that Lala has already obtained? What if Apple then is able to bundle the streaming license with the license implicit when a song is bought? That way, when one purchases a song on iTunes, one simultaneously is purchasing the license to stream it.
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    Originally Posted by retroneo View Post

    For people who speak English (There are similar tools in your preferred language language), Umm and Ahh are used to prevent unintentionally relinquishing control of a conversation to another participant.

    In this instant it is a little confusing as it isn't normally written and has no purpose in writing except for simulating a spoken conversation verbatim.

    It's part of the media access control for spoken communication - akin to carrier sensing in ethernet/wifi.

    People who umm and ahh also communicate their message better to their listeners.


    Hmmm... Normally, I don't respond to microthreads! But sometimes, when I really put my foot in it, I use the following to show my embarrassment/contrition:

    "Er, umm, ahh (head down, feet shuffling, face reddening)..."

    I think it gets the message across!

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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    It's also interesting int the context of re-downloading previously purchased items which has been a rumoured addition to iTunes for a while now.

    Presumably if the services are blended, then everything previously purchased in iTunes would be purchased "for life" with streaming rights added on top. Once I own an album, I can download it anytime I want, put it on any machine I want, and stream it over the web anywhere I want. At least that's the ideal situation even if the reality is somewhat more restricted.

    Currently, you can put "protected" music purchased on any number of computers-- but only 5 computers at-a-time can be authorized to play these. With 5 authorized, if you want to authorize a new computer, you must de-authorize another.

    It is not clear (to me) on how many iPods and iPhones you can play these same "protected" tracks.

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    I've recently subscribed to Spotify even though i have resisted in the past.

    Impressive indeed and it's understandable why Apple quickly ushered in the iPhone App because unless they get into this subscription business, concepts like Spotify will punch a huge dent in their business.
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,702member
    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    Religious promotions can be especially divisive, and are generally insulting to those not steeped in your particular ideology.

    Sucks to be you then. Grow up and realize that there are people who have (gasp!) thoughts and ideals different then your own.

    You'll be much happier in life when you realize the problem is with you and not the rest of the world.
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    What happens to the current LaLa users? Did Apple just swoop in and destroy some competition? Sounds a bit familiar. Who's that company everyone around here finds it so fashionable to slam... Applesoft? No that aint it...

    If you had actually read the article completely you'd have read that Lala approached Apple:

    Originally Posted by The bit you didn't read

    According to reports by the New York Times, Lala had actively sought out Apple after Lala executives concluded that prospects for turning a profit in the short term were slim.

    But hey, your trolling is way more important than facts and accuracy.
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