iPhone Bento app sales top 100,000 in 6 months

in iPhone edited January 2014
FileMaker announced Tuesday that sales of its Bento application for the iPhone and iPod touch have crossed the six-figure threshold in its first six months of availability.

The $4.99 application aims to help users become organized and more efficient. It is an extension of Bento, the database application for Mac OS X. Bento for iPhone is created by FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple.

"Whether they want to take client information with them on the road, track trip expenses, create To Do lists, manage membership lists, get in shape or plan events, people are enthusiastically embracing Bento for iPhone and iPod touch to organize their busy lives," said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services with FileMaker. "We released Bento for iPhone just last May, and it is already among the most popular productivity apps on the Apple App Store."

In September, FileMaker released Bento 3, bringing iPhoto integration to the application. It allows users to store information about photos and link them with contacts, projects, events, and other information within the software.


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