Ustream brings first live broadcaster to iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Ustream announced Wednesday the availability of Ustream Live Broadcaster in the iPhone App Store. The company touts that it is the first live broadcast software made available for the iPhone and iPod touch. With it, anyone can broadcast live video from their phone.

"The Ustream Live Broadcaster is a free app that enables live streaming on 3G or Wifi, and users can notify their Twitter communities when they start broadcasting, and interact with their viewers using chat or Twitter through Ustream?s Social Stream," the company said.

The application is said to require the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with iPhone OS 3.1 or later. It allows polls, works in portrait mode, can auto-record, and can record and save for upload later. Recordings can be shared on Ustream, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The free 6.1MB download is available through iTunes


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    This is going to send a frisson of excitement through the iPhone community, particularly the 3G users.

    I have been a Ustream user from the days before I bought my first iPhone, so I was fully aware of its existence by the time I got mine, and downloaded the Ustream Viewer app in anticipation of more advanced capabilities, which they always promised would be forthcoming.

    They have been true to their word, and in so doing have beaten front-runners like Qik, Flixwagon, Bambuser and Kyte to streaming video from non-jailbroken iPhones.

    As an owner of both the 3G and 3G S, I can confirm that the former is also able to stream live video, albeit much slower and choppier than the latter.

    I am in the process of stitching together some short videos I took of last weekend's visit to Camden Lock (what a riot of colours, odours and aromas the market is now!) and Portobello Market, both in London, using my 3G S and a wonderful video editing app called ReelDirector.

    Hats off to Ustream (and Apple for opening the gates); LET THE VIDEO BATTLES COMMENCE!
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    Ah, you see. Now that's what we call iChat for homele... --- cough, well --- iPhonees.
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    Saw it in use this weekend; pretty cool killer app. Wonder how long before Apple starts carrying steadicam/tripods for the iPhone!
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    "The company touts that it is the first live broadcast software made available for the iPhone and iPod touch."

    Is it just habit that makes you say "iPod touch"? I wish one COULD put live video into the iPod touch! Let us know if and when this happens . . .
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