Apple's Steve Jobs named world's best-performing CEO



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    The metrics are built into the typeface itself be it OpenType or Postscript, neither of which Apple had anything do do with in terms of creating a cross platform standard. If you create a Postscript file from either Windows or Mac using Quark or inDesign the output will be identical with respect to the type rendering.

    Apple had nothing to do with the creation of OpenType? Really? Are you sure?
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    There you go again, making sweeping, unequivocal assertions.

    I would recommend your looking at (a very considerable) financial economics literature on dividends. On average, dividend paying firms tend to have fewer growth opportunities, lower P/E ratios, and lower M/B ratios than non-dividend payers.

    It is not an accident that 'value' portfolios tend to be heavily populated by dividend-paying companies, but 'growth' portfolios non-dividend paying.

    If the argument is for Apple returning money to shareholders -- which would be a fine goal -- there are better ways to do it. Share repurchase, or a special (large) one-time dividend. Initiation of 'regular' dividends is normally viewed as an irriversible commitment by markets.

    Oh, you can look up any basic finance textbook for these insights.

    If I'm making "sweeping, unequivocal assertions" it is only in response to your "sweeping, unequivocal assertions" -- as in the ones you just made above.

    There is no rule, and I can certainly object to you having invented one. There is no "normal view" of dividends, they don't "signal" anything, except a desire by the board to return excess capital to the stockholders. Apple is sitting on an absolutely immense amount of excess capital. Returning some small part of that excess to stockholders does not in any way, shape, or form imply anything about their growth potential going forward. In fact the excess capital, and the continuous accumulation of more capital (about a $1b a month, at the present rate) is a result of growth. Apple becomes a "value" company when their growth rate declines, not at some arbitrary point defined by a dividend.

    This point has been made by many in finance. You could look it up.
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    Originally Posted by icyfog View Post

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    And more than a year. Chrome OS isn't slated to be on machines until about this time next year.

    Emphasis mine.

    Oh and congrats to Steve Jobs who's done a masterful job at heading Apple since his 1997 return.

    Which is why I clearly stated ?we?ll know in a year if Chrome OS has a chance. That is Q4-2010. The signs will be apparent in one year if Chrome OS has a chance of taking any of Windows marketshare.
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    Originally Posted by camroidv27 View Post

    Perfect video of Steve. Clearly shows what kind of a man he is.

    I don't know whether you mean that in a positive way or a derogatory way, but I think that Steve was absolutely correct in that video. His description of embedding culture and new ideas into products is definitely one of the major differences between Apple and Microsoft. He may have stated it in a somewhat pretentious way, but he was right back then and that is still pretty much correct today.

    However, even if Jobs was totally wrong when he made that statement, judging from his appearance, that was many years ago and I think that it's unfair to criticize someone forever for statements made when they were young, regardless of their executive position at the time.
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    Originally Posted by MacTripper View Post

    A rising credit bubble lifts all ships, including Apple's.

    Many don't know that, Bush as the outgoing president was smeared by a vengeful Dem Congress not only for political gain, but because Bush took the two GSE's out of their "socialist experiment" and fired both CEO's for bringing both companies to ruin.

    Being the root of the sub-prime mess?, no that goes back to Clinton and his revisions to the Community Reinvestment Act forcing banks into giving risky loans under the threat of redlining. The first mortgage backed security was created later that year by Bear Sterns as a way for banks to dump the toxic loans.

    Then in 2005 the Dem Congress got Freddie and Fannie into the sub-prime act right during the height of the bubble...

    So basically it was government sponsored corruption of capitalism that was the cause of the problem. The Dems brought the government into the sub-prime mortgage game like bringing a drunk whale (rich person) to a casino. Now we will all pay, with sub-standard socialized health care tax during a severe recession. Wonderful!

    Dems are by nature anti-capitalists and certainly anti-business. They are the ones who ripped off the sub-prime poor with loans they couldn't afford, and like blaming Bush, they blame the banks for laws and regulations they created in the first place. They blame everyone but themselves for their failure to understand how things work.

    You see, I lived through two real estate bubbles, they normally are a game of speculation for those who can afford to take the risk. It's not for the sub-prime and middle class.

    Apple is really desperate, this is why it's doing what it's doing. Good thing it's successful or it would be another Palm.

    Apple needs to cement a market, preferably a infrastructure really bad, that's why it's in the portable music and phone business.

    The computer market it has failed in, due to circumstances and earlier mistakes. 10% market share is a failure, 90% or more is successful.

    you are so full of talking points, I have to put my waders on to get thru this...

    you really need to stop listening to Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh.... let me guess you have the Palin "book"....

    nice newsletter list you spouted, you can wipe your fecal-covered mouth now...
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    Originally Posted by Rhetoric.assassin View Post

    you are so full of talking points, I have to put my waders on to get thru this...

    you really need to stop listening to Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh.... let me guess you have the Palin "book"....

    nice newsletter list you spouted, you can wipe your fecal-covered mouth now...

    Nope. No talking points here.

    There's a political forum here in AI for these types of conversations, BTW.
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    Ballmer's presentation style and enthusiasm got him an "honorable mention".
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