Straight Pride!!!

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Finally Political Correctness take a hit! God Bless that judge!

I am NOT Homophobic nor do I wish for the passage of any laws but I believe that our schools should not be teaching our children about Sexuality...that is the parents job!


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    I agree. I think the principal was just trying to cover his ass (not that I blame him). It's just a shirt after all, and its not attacking anyone.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,502member
    Good news. I am happy with the outcome of this one 100%.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,271member
    Poor guy. The thing is that all things in life require balance. If you designate certain areas with pink triangles as a safe haven for Gays then you must do the inverse for heterosexuals. It's a slippery Religion best avoided by our Public Schools.
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    The pink triangles seem like a little much. I don't really know the personality of the school though..I can't imagine that at my high school in a million years.

    But you're right...speaking out one way will understandably cause a backlash in the other direction. That's life.
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    I heard about that kid...

    Wether its "gay pride", "straight pride", "I'm with stupid --&gt;"... whatever...

    teens will be teens...



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    yup... it seems pretty stupid to extend free speech to some an keep it away from others. I'm not sure who that tee shirt would have offended, I dont know of any homosexuals who are offended by heterosexuality. (I only wish it would work the other way more often.)
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    Things like this wouldn't be a big deal if people wopuld stop making such a big deal about them. This would have been a non-issue if it hadn't been dragged into court.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I don't see anything wrong with the shirt. It's well within the bounds of free speech, and if it doesn't violate the dress code of the school, there is no legal case here.

    It's not like the shirt was saying to kill a certain group of people or anything. That would be out of line. But wearing a shirt that says you're proud of who you are and being punished for it is ridiculous.
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    Just another example of why school uniforms are a good idea. I went to a public school with no uniforms and it was an all out fashion show. The rich kids never wore the same outift twice, the rest of us wore our jeans and concert t-shirts, and no one gave a damn about what was being taught.

    Forget this "express yourself through what you wear" BS. And this crap about student first amendment rights is a myth too. I don't remember anyone going to court for me because i got detention for expressing my unfavorable opinion of certain teachers.

    I like these schools that do fairly modern uniforms/dress codes. Ya know, jeans and a blue shirt or something. Hell, it doesn't matter so long as everyone has to wear the same thing, it's cheap, clean, and doesn't look like a british boarding school uniform. I think I saw some school having success with Hawaiian shirts even!

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    er, i went to a uniform private school.

    even within the bounds of a shirt and tie and khakis, it becomes a contest.
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    Right fcuking on! Im gonna go make one of those shirts.

    Dont get me wrong, Im not homophobic, but it would be a funny think to wear around here (Vancouver, aka. San Francisco North).
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    School uniforms are a BAD idea.

    School boys + young teen girls in school uniforms = out of control horomones = no learning!

    Teens in school uniforms are the topic of millions of websites.

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    jrcjrc Posts: 805member
    Does a shirt that says you're proud of who you are, also imply you're proud of who/what you are NOT?

    If so, then would a shirt saying you're proud NOT to be XXXXX, be also allowed?

    And how is that different than bashing the XXXXX?
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    Sorry Nordstrodamus,

    But I HIGHLY disagree with your "uniform" theory. I too went to a uniform school for several years and this "competition" theory you have STILL existed... if it isn't clothing, it's something else... it's human nature to compete. No amount of Democratic Police work is going to pull that out of our Genes.

    I agree with hmurchison on the sexuality issue, it is no right of the school system to teach something to the students that is the job of the parents to convey.

    Mac Guru
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    For once I agree with Nordstrodamus.I don't know why kids have to be allowed to make all kinds of political and other statements with their clothes. They are there to learn. They can leave the distractions for after school.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    There will be a way around uniformity even if it means that one student wears their dress higher than the others, or trousers lower and hair a little longer . . . . that's human: differentiate, group, and include/exclude.

    I am for the ruling, but I think the point of if it had been rephrased so as to say the implicit "...not to be xxxx" is a good question.

    I also think that school classes on human sexuality are fine, harmless and actually very important to many people: people who's parents are either ignorant, ideologically prudish or too self absorbed to acknowledge the world of sexuality. Its not legislating morality to teach students about the diverse biological/sociological realm of sexuality. .

    . . it IS legislating morality to say that sex is a moral issue and to fear its public discussion.
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    I'm not under the illusion that a uniform or dress code removes all forms of social competition, but it certianly reduces the emphasis on fashion in our school systems and problems such as those described in the article.

    Also, as far as teaching sex in schools I'm absolutely for it. If anything, I think we should teach it more and earleir. In the Netherlands they teach it before puberty and they cover everything. It's no coincidence that they have some of the lowest teenage pregnacy rates in the world. In general, knowledge is better than ignorance.

    I don't know what they say about homosexuality, but I would imagine they don't shy away from the issue. Of course, I'm one of these crazy people who think that they were born heterosexual and no amount of exposure to Will & Grace can change that. Others may feel less confident in their sexuality.

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    Does a shirt that says you're proud of who you are, also imply you're proud of who/what you are NOT?

    If so, then would a shirt saying you're proud NOT to be XXXXX, be also allowed?

    And how is that different than bashing the XXXXX?

    By that logic Gay pride, womens pride, black pride, etc. etc. etc. is racist.

    No, though I dont doubt that this kid had a bit of a jab at gay pride in mind when he decided to wear this shirt, I really dont think that it in its self is a homophobic statment.

    Crap, Im arguing again.
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    gustavgustav Posts: 824member
    [quote]Originally posted by The Toolboi:


    No, though I dont doubt that this kid had a bit of a jab at gay pride in mind when he decided to wear this shirt, I really dont think that it in its self is a homophobic statment.


    I don't know if the kid was taking a jab at pride itself or at the attention it is getting.
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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    This whole issue with political correctness is way out of hand. I go to a private school and our school has a gay club. Someone tried to start a straight club because he thought that is was only fair since the gay people had a club. This student was suspended for a week because he was being insensative towards those in the gay club. WTF??? Also, here's a new twist on the whole school uniform to eliminate class destinctions thing: at our school, the poorer kids who get financial aid dress as nice or NICER than those that can afford full tuition. Why is this? Because they save tens of thousands of dollars by getting financial aid so they can dress as nice as everyone else, hell one of these families bought a Mercedes E-Class because they didn't have to pay tuition so they saved tons of money
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