iPhone Facebook app updated to 3.1.1

in iPhone edited January 2014
Facebook this week issued two updates for its native iPhone App Store application. Version 3.1, released Wednesday, added push notifications for seven different categories, and included address book syncing. Thursday, a small update was issued in version 3.1.1, which includes bug fixes in address book syncing.

Push notifications can now be received for new messages, wall posts, friend requests, friend confirmations, photo tags, events and comments.

Version 3.0 of the popular Facebook application was released in August. It allows users to see upcoming events and friends' birthdays, post updates and photos, write notes and read friends' notes, upload videos from an iPhone 3GS, change their profile picture, zoom into photos, access the same news feed as the Web site, and more.


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    It seems you are concerned by private data and who is using what ! Do you know netmino (www.netmino.com) ?

    This iPhone App syncs and manages all your personal data with your peers, friends and professional contacts.

    It uses advanced vCard recommendations (very rich profiles) and it seems that a FB sync is also on the way.

    I'm personally really happy with it.

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    Question... What's up with the picture?? My facebook app doesn't look like that...
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