Apple investigates iPhone stylus input, contextual user interfaces



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    This sounds like devolution. Why would we go back to a stylus? I know someone mentioned cold weather, which to a certain extent, I can understand, but I live in NYC where the winters can be really cold, and I just take my gloves off when I need to do something on the iPhone...mind you, that only happens when I'm on my way to the subway, so I can wait until I'm in a warm place to use the iPhone.

    Believe you me, Apple won?t make a stylus a requirement, but as you point out there are uses for a stylus in some situations. For starters, there is the Apple-created CC swipe accessory for the iPod Touch. That needs a stylus to allow for accurate signatures.

    I think that Apple likely created this patent when they were designing that device back in 2008 but it?s possible it also had the tablet in mind. If it was for the tablet using images of the Apple tablet in the patent wouldn?t have been smart if you are trying to keep it a secret.

    When I look at the recent test by MOTO regarding touchscreen accuracy I wonder if this stylus will be released alongside the tablet and be very accurate and very useful for those many professions that require in some capacity. There are more than you might think.

    Not a profession but I can see a stylus for the tablet being useful for students. Note taking by hand, recreating illustrations from the board, and even using a ?scholastic? palette to tap different emphasizers and annotators like a highlighter, underliner, strikethrough, bold, alter colour, add text to margin, etc. Pretty much everything and anything you would do in a notebook or in a textbook while studying or in lecture.
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