The official list of AI golf player

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Here is the list of Golf player :

It will be fun if you can answers one or more of the following questions :

1) your approximative level : handicap

2) what is your best sector of game

3) what is your worse sector of game

4) your longuest drive

5) whatever you want to say about golf

For me :

hcp 20

best sector of my game is the small chips around the green

worse sector is my drive : can be excellent but far too much imprecise and irregular

my longuest drive is 250 meters (275 yards approximatively) in good weathers conditions.

One day i drive at 330 yards , but the ground was sloping down a lot.

Golf is the most ungratefull and interesting game that i know.


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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    1) 12 handicap

    2) my tee shot

    3) my mental toughness

    4) 301 yds (got it to the green on a par 4)

    5) I play Varsity golf for my school. My goal this year is to move up from #5 to #3.
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    1) 9.6

    2) short iron game

    3) putting

    4) 285 yards

    5) i played in high school; havent gone out for college team yet
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Handicap: probably 30.

    Best: Driving the cart really fast without spilling the beer.

    Worst: I'm drawn to hazards - if sand or water is near by, I'm in it.

    Long drive: Don't know. Not very far. I'm pretty straight but not very long.

    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />

    Comment: Even if you shoot a hole in one, you still get one point against you.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    1) 10 (and dropping...)

    2) Long game, and putting. (I know, I'm a freak of nature)

    3) Not really weak in any particular area...

    4) Longest drive I actually measured was 385 yards. Had a stong wind at my back, caught that puppy PERFECT, and it just took off. I'm a bit of a freak show at the driving range - I always end up with people stopping to watch me carry a ball over the high fence at the back of the range, which is at 270 yards, and about 30-40 feet high. Definitely my strong suit - I consistently hit it 300+ yards. (nothing like going into a par 5 with a pitching wedge... better than sex)

    5) Want to hit the ball farther? Lose the "gorilla" mentality. It's timing, timing, timing.

    Oh, and I've found a weird thing with drinking beer on the course. My game actually improves up to beer #4, falters from #5 to #6, and deteriorates exponentially from #7 and up.

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    1. Probably about 10, but surely rising since I only play a couple times a year anymore. Used to play three times a week when I could. Once I was out of college for a couple years though, it was all over.

    2. Short game / anything within 30 yards of the green. Long irons are very solid also, but I rarely have to hit them.

    3. Driving can be very inconsistent

    4. When I played a lot, I averaged around 275-280 probably. Long drive in normal (non windy, non-hilly) conditions is probably about 310 yards. Longest ever about 325 I'd guess. I usually bomb at least one or two per round (around 300 yards), and lose one or two off the tee per round, so it all evens out.

    5. The game is pure evil, but I have escaped its potent spell....bwa hahahahaha!

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    &lt;--- Check the alias.

    Ah, a topic I can most certainly relate to!

    1) handicap-hitting the damn ball

    2) best part of game-when it's over

    3) worst part-when I'm playing

    4) longest drive-probably when we went to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons etc.

    5) GOLF SUCKS!!!

    Ok, now for the serious answers.....

    1) I don't actually have a registered handicap or whatever, but I would say I shoot around 80 on a good golf course. Trouble is, my game has been getting WORSE. I am very inconsistent and don't seem to play up to my potential on courses. I haven't been playing long either.

    2) The best part of my game would have to be my short game. I am pretty good around the green and that's how I can save myself a lot. A lot of times I will score OK without hitting the ball well, all due to getting up and down around the greens.

    3) The worst part of my game would have to be my inconsistency. I have tons of talent and potential, but one minute I'm Tiger and the next I look like I've never hit a golf ball. When I get consistent, I'll be dangerous and my scores will come down a lot. Also my mental side. I can REALLY let a bad shot get to me.

    4) My longest drive is if I recall correctly about 290 yards!! I couldn't believe this at all but looking at the distance I had to the green and the distance of the hole I really did hit it that far. Now factor in that I am very skinny and this was some time ago. It was also at this time that I had an el-cheapo driver I was using. Since then I have got a really sweet driver (this thing is lonnnnnngggggggg). It's an Integra Super 450 w/Grafalloy Prolite Elite & Golf Pride grip that cost about $100. This thing kicks the crap out of those overpriced OEM $500 drivers. Don't buy into the hype folks. I'm also looking to get new irons (forged) with some nice Rifle or TT Dynamic Gold shafts.

    5) I haven't been playing golf for that long. I actually was watching and fairly interested in golf before I ever even swung a golf club. Then one day we went up to the local driving range with an old 6 iron, and I was hitting the thing almost 150 yards. I knew I had something, and I loved it. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but if you stay calm, keep focused, and enjoy it you will truely appreciate all that this game has to offer. Some of you sound like pretty good players. 300 yard drives? Wow. But hey, you guys probably have a lot more meat on your bones then I do. Lastly I gotta say hit em straight.
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    new question: your gear?


    Titleist 975D 8.5° Titanium driver with Grafalloy Prolite ultra-stiff shaft

    Titleist 975F 14.5° and 19.5° steel fairway woods with stiff Titleist shafts

    Titleist 962B 3-PW, steel shafts

    Vokey Design SW 56°

    Oddysey Rossie 2 putter...

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    Jonathan, you got too much money to spend! But seriously nice clubs.

    My gear:

    Driver- Integra Super 450 9 degree w/ 46" Grafalloy Prolite Elite shaft

    Woods- Orlimar Trimetal 19 degree w/stock shaft (5-wood)

    Irons- Cobra Gravity Back 3-PW w/stock True Temper steel shafts (looking at buying the Golfsmith forged blades w/either Rifle or TT steel shafts in them)

    Wedges- Cleveland 588 Reg. 60 degree & Cleveland 900 Form Forged 54 degree

    Bag- Nike dual strap stand bag (black)

    Balls- whatever the hell I find in my bag

    Putter- some $10 Knight putter that I still kick @$$ with

    Shoes- golf shoes......yeah right

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    [quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99:

    <strong>Jonathan, you got too much money to spend! But seriously nice clubs.


    they were all gifts

    granted, i told them what to buy, but that was accumulated over a year; driver first, irons next, fairway woods last...
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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    Irons: Callaway X-14 irons 3-SW w/ graphite shafts (shoulda got steel)

    Woods: Dunlop DDH 1, 3, 5, 7 w/ graphite shafts. These are actually GREAT woods. I would reccomend them to anybody.


    Putter: King Cobra COMPUTER DESIGNED (woohoo!) mallet putter

    Balls: Nike Distance Control

    Shoes: Some Nike shoes

    Bag: Black and grey Nike dual strap carry bag, EXCELLENT BAG!!!
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    1) My handicap is a 1 at the moment, it should be lower but what can I say

    2) My game has no super strong spots

    3) My game has no super weak spots

    4) My longest drive is probably about 390 with a wind (I average 294)

    5) My handicap right now is not really a 1. During the school year I live in Texas and have a huge mental block because of the awful conditions that all the courses are in. It is probably about an 8. But ever summer I go back home to Montana and get to play on green courses. (My pro is up there to). So my "real" handicap is a 1.

    Last year I missed qualifying for the U.S. Junior Am. by 4 strokes. I was leading through 27 at 5 under and then shot a 42 on the final back nine . I have won about 15 regional tournaments and placed in to many to count (read: I just don't remember). Sadly, not to many college coaches think of Montana as a "real" golfers state. Although from what I've seen my friends and I could blow away the Texas competition if we every got a chance on a real course.


    Driver: Ping - 8.5 degrees - D6 swingweight - Grafalloy tour stiff shaft - two degrees upright

    Fairway woods: 14 degree olimar with steel shaft

    Irons: 2 through PW Maxfli Revolutions with imported "hump" shafts (like the old Cobra kind, only good ) Two degrees upright and half and inch long.

    Wedges: 56 vokey (forgot the model, but its the one with the deeper sole, perhaps I should check...). And 60 degree vokey Raw Steel prototype.

    Putter: Scotty Cameron NewPort 2

    My best round on 9 holes is a 30, and on 18 is 64.

    P.S. All my clubs were free because I have connections on the Pro Tour (have about ten different drivers)

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    some of you may know me as David Duval... oh wait, that was a dream.
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    ping hoofer bag


    balls i find
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    driver : Calloway hawk eye 11° regular graphit shaft

    wood 3 and wood 5 : Calloway steelhead plus regular graphit shaft

    Irons from the pitching wedge to 3 : Cobra gravity back graphit regular shaft

    Sand wedge : Cleveland 56° Tour action gun metal

    Putter : Odyssey deep rossie 2 (unlike the pub , all my put doesn't go to the hole when ia m at one yard ...)

    Balls : cheap ones : i loose far too many of them.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Driver: Early 90's era Bertha Warbird with Dynamic Gold Steel shaft

    Irons: Mizuno T-Zoid Blades, Stiff Sensicore Steel Shafts

    SW: Hogan 55 degree, falling apart

    Putter: Ping slightly-offset model from early 90's
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    1) your approximative level : handicap

    2) what is your best sector of game

    3) what is your worse sector of game

    4) your longuest drive

    5) whatever you want to say about golf

    - - - - - - - -

    1) I suck. My handicap is high.

    2) In general: distance. In specific: 3 iron

    3) In general: accuracy In specific: wedges

    4) Oof, probably 350 yds with roll. 300 yds is more realistic though.

    5) I used to play a lot more golf. When I started working in the summer (age 14) that stopped. I play about 3 times a year now, and that's soon to become 0 times a year when I lose the ability to play for free.

    I usually play with my younger sister, who is really good. She always beats the crap out of me.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    I am SO different with my golf equipment than I am with my Macs - I haven't kept a Mac long enough for it to collect dust, and I'm just the opposite with golf equipment.

    I've changed a few things over the last few years:

    Driver - Taylor Made FireSole, 9.5 degrees, stiff graphite shaft

    Putter - Callaway 'Bobby Jones' BJ4 (I love this thing)

    Started playing Nike Spin Control balls, and really like them. It's a mental thing, but I can't make myself play a cheap ball.

    My irons? A set of Powerbilt Grand Slams that my mom bought for me almost 14 years ago. Off the shelf, no fitting, steel shafts. 3 - SW

    I've tried countless sets of irons, but I've never found a set that feels as good to me as these. I hit so many iron shots in a round that feel so pure and effortless... I just can't see ever replacing them.

    Oh, my 60 and 64 degree wedges, I buy them every couple years at Sport Check - they're called American Open, cost about $30 CDN a pop. The faces get worn down within 2 years, and they're cheap to replace.

    Jesus, am I EVER different with my clubs compared to my computers!!!

    I kind of like being like that kid in the Top Flite commercials. Someone takes a look at the old irons in my bag, the big gorilla head cover on my driver, sees my old worn out golf shoes... laughs... then I outdrive the prick by 65 yards and kick his ass all day. Love being a sleeper.

    Oh, and I've got a black and silver Nike carry bag with an Izzo double strap. Great bag.

    Going to get some new shoes this year, because I have this little habit of dragging my right foot forward near the end of my swing, and the shoe is worn out down to my toe (3 year old shoes).

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    Oh - The new Nike irons look nice.

    1. Handicap 12

    2. mid irons

    3. Putting

    4. 325mtrs

    Where i live we have a recently finished Greg Norman designed golf course - "Pelican Waters" it's nice. I'll play whenever i can but that usually means about once a month. It's a tough course when the wind is up and the greens are super hard.

    Golf has me mentally beaten at the moment
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    Mr Powerdoc!

    Golf ye say!

    A game whose pleasant bucolic amblings are but a grassy veneer ower its dark and terrible origins...

    Golf as ye may know - originally comes frae Scotland and it is widely accepted that St Andrews is its spiritual hame. The origins o' the game probably arnae rembered overseas there, but it dates back tae the Scottish clan system when it was commonplace during battles and feuds for each side tae score points by whacking their opponents' heids clean aff there shooders wi' mighty swipes o' the claymore. The further the heid the flew the greater the score.

    As the feudal system gradually became mare civilised only shaved participants were allowed as huge ginger beards and lang hair impeded range due tae air resistance. Dress code, shaving and cranial dimensions became mare important. Smallish roond heids were best on account o' aerodynamic stability and o' coorse the shaved heids o' the contestants were quite white efter a' the ginger hair was off. These properties o' shape and colour are still retained by golf balls o' the present day.

    Baskets were soon added so that extra points could be added for 'a basket in one'. Battles were usually fought on smooth ground for the sake o' a smooth trajectory and a guid roll at the end o' it. Hence the origins o' the golf course as we know it today. Occasionally though such suitable conditions werenae available and contests were fought oot on steep rock slopes wi' lots o' crevices and obstacles. This led tae Crazy Golf although the wee windmills and wheels and gnomes are a maist likely recent development.
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    Those Nike irons do look sweet, but I found out they are $899!! :eek: I think I'll stick to getting some cheaper forged blades that are just as good. I just noticed at the Buick Tiger was playing the new Nike Forged Driver. They must not be any good 'cause he was right all the time!
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