Who's 21 or over? Who has a degree?



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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member
    I'm 27 and have a BS in ecology and environmental policy. I may get my masters at some point.
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    [quote]Originally posted by BRussell:

    <strong>31 and another PhD here. And it looks to me like there's an inverse relation between education level and board maturity.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Only teens should write on this board

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    That's what happens when you lock yourself away at the age of 18.

    The Institute for Advanced Study has some of the most immature post- Ph.D. people you could ever meet. It's an amazing menagerie of folks, some of whom have no idea how privileged they are and no sense of reality outside academia.
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    42 in April and I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree...a lot of f*cking good that's doing me now...

    My age hasn't been a problem for me. I have a whole range of friends younger and older. In good health (knock wood) and most people think I look younger than my age... <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    timotimo Posts: 353member
    21 or over? Check.

    Degree? Check.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    Born in '75. 26 years old. No degree, 3 years of college though...
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    21 AND A HALF, last semester of college... I will have my degree unless I royally f--k up.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,401member
    Over 21.

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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I'll be 26 in a week and a half. I've got a B.S. in psychology, an M.S. in clinical psych and I'm on my way to a Ph.D in clinical psych. 2 more years of school for me.... I hope...
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    to clarify (though I alone care)

    BA -in Philosphy

    MA- Intermedia Arts

    MFA- Intermedia Arts

    oh yeah and an AA in film.

    and I took some tennis lessons once and got a certificate :cool:
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    27 & Bachelor's of Architecture
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    A lot of B Archs here.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    Lots of Pile it Higher and Deeper's too... (PhD's)
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    Post Hole Digger
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    Ah, young I feel. I'm only 19 (going on 20), and I'm 2 years and a quarter from a BA in Political Science. I just hope that this forum doesn't stratify into an ageist community. I mean, are all of you so much more mature because you can drink alcohol legally?
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    [quote]Originally posted by agent302:

    <strong>I mean, are all of you so much more mature because you can drink alcohol legally?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    No, but that's a plus.

    Anyhoo, to clarify my reason for starting this thread:

    Having just travelled the long road from the beginning of high school to the end of college, I've noticed a huge change in my thoughts, maturity, and wisdom on some things. That said, there IS a difference between the 14-16 year olds of these boards, and the 21 plusses.

    When I was 15, I too would have said, "age doesn't have anything to do with maturity level." And to an extent, it doesn't. Real-life wisdom is a whole different matter. (NOTE: I never said anything in my original post about maturity) The truth be told, there's a lot of maturity that I probably don't even have. I haven't had kids, I don't have a "real job" yet, car payments, or the like. I'm sure those people on these boards will tell you that your life "experience" jumps light years when you have a kid and have to be responsible for a child's life.

    Now, agent302, you're almost 20. Is there a huge difference between you and me (at 22)? Maybe, maybe not. But the age line had to be drawn somewhere, and 21 seemed like a good spot (chosen from my own experience).

    You all under 21: Don't get yourselves in a tizzy because you think we over 21 are looking down on you. We're not, because we understand that there's certain life experiences you haven't had to deal with. On the same account, though, understand that we over 21 (or roundabouts that age) have a clearer outlook on a lot of things because we've "been around the block."

    Thank you. Who else?
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    CosmoNut, you seem to be saying that everyone matures at the same rate and has certain life experiences at a given age. I know some teenagers who have probably had more "real-life" experiences then anyone else on these boards. Just a thought.
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    28 years old.

    B.A. Political Science

    J.D. (Law Degree)
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    I do understand why you started this forum, and I agree, there does at times seem to be a propensity of immature posting. I just felt the need to illustrate the arbitraryness of age (and time in general; I'm not the biggest fan of New Years, seems just like any other day). I think that we should approach all forum members is if we had no knowledge of their age, and judge immaturity from there. When they seem immature, ignore them. But this forum, while well meaning, has a potential for stratifying AI. I hope (and think) that it won't. I just wanted to get the idea out in the open.

    (and when I said, "going on 20," that's if 6 months is "going on" )
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    21, nearing a BFA in graphic design.

    yes, i'm being facetious when i say "in my old age." :cool:

    (oh yeah, and 22 in may - do you still get to say "and a half" when you're over 18?)

    [ 02-11-2002: Message edited by: poor taylor ]</p>
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