Do you think Microsoft will develope a version of Windows that supports Apple's

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proprietary arm processors should they ever make a complete switch or do you think they would just let this new found market die a slow death?


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    I don't think it will happen. They're competitors...and in future if one of the companies buy the other one this may happen!
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Like the Windows CE based mobile versions that have been running on ARM based processors since 2003?

    Is that what you mean?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,548moderator
    I'm concerned about how much attention some companies are placing on the ARM products. Imagine if Apple one day (a few years down the line of course) announced a switch to ARM entirely.

    412MHz CPU iphone 2G is noted as being 1/10th the performance of a 1.6GHz G5:

    I'd expect the single-core 1GHz A4 Cortex A9 will be about 3 times this so 1/3 the speed of a 1.6GHz G5. Given that current Core 2 Duos are fast enough for most things and are 3-4 times faster than the 1.6GHz G5, we need a speed up of a factor of 10 over the current A4.

    Double the processor speed every 12-18 months and in the next 5 years, you could be running everything from your mobile phone with an ARM CPU with a 256GB Nano SSD and 2-4GB RAM. If they just bundle more cores, the progression to this setup could be faster.
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