Office for Mac 2011 to feature co-authoring, ribbon interface



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    OK. So after years of "Entourage is soooo much better than Outlook", now we are going back to Outlook?

    Oh, the irony.
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    One very simple, basic question.

    Why can't MacBU make Outlook for Mac that is 100% compatible with Outlook for Windows?

    I just want the same app, that makes the same network traffic, that doesn't require me to jump through hoops or beg a Sysadmin to enable some special fluffery at the server. Just Outlook -- ok? I don't need or want it to look different or have lickable buttons.

    How hard could it be? You're Microsoft -- you own the friggin' source code. What is your problem?
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    Although I'm generally not a Microsoft fan, hence my switch to Macs quite a few years ago, I do like Excel and Word on both the Mac and PC.

    On the Mac, I have found 2008 versions very stable and very compatible. I'm not too keen on the toolbox so having the ribbon, I think, will improve it. I did find it a bit frustrating in Excel not being able to use F2, so I would like to thank Schwieb for telling us about Ctrl-U, although I wish it had been more document. I do miss VB macros, although I don't use them in work half as much as I used to, so having that being reintroduced is a good thing.

    On the PC, I've actually got to like the Ribbon in Office 2007 although I did find the positioning of certain things a bit frustrating, which is why I like the idea of being able to customise it in Office 2010. I hope the customisation of it is going to carry through into Office 2011.

    And you if can do a version for the iPad, that would be good. I'm still in 2 minds about getting an iPad as document editing is one thing I do a fair bit on my laptop. This might be the thing that tips the scales.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Microsoft also announced Thursday that Outlook for Mac would allow importing of .PST files from Outlook for Windows, which it said was one of the top requests from customers. The new Outlook will also allow Spotlight search and backup support from Time Machine.

    What does "importing" pst files really mean? Will the new Mac version of Outlook allow you to work with the pst file natively? Or do you have to spend time copying the contents of the pst file into the "Mac format"? And will Outlook for Mac be able to create pst files which can then be used in Windows Outlook? And what about support for server based rules in Outlook for Mac?

    Will the new Excel also bring back individual formula bars for each document window?
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    Originally Posted by Inkling View Post

    The application Microsoft that should develop for the iPad is OneNote. It's marvelous for taking notes and would fit perfectly with the portability of iPads. It's also the only application that Windows has that I would like to see running on Macs. Until it runs on my MacBook, I'll settle for it on an iPad.

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    OK. So after years of "Entourage is soooo much better than Outlook", now we are going back to Outlook?

    Oh, the irony.

    In all seriousness Entourage could have been great. The project management elements were very nice. But constant crashes and database corruptions (and lost data) just killed it. Dead. If you can't trust it, you can't use it.

    I am really hopeful for Outlook, but I think any reports of corruption or data loss will be the end of Microsoft email and calendaring products on the Mac.

    Good luck MacBU!!
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    Originally Posted by daryy View Post

    I make sure MS has a habit of making their Mac versions of Office less than their PC/Windows counterpart.

    At least we know the MacBU team is working to correct this. For the most part, the people on that team seem to be enthusiastic Mac users.

    Unlike, say, the general perception of the Intuit team working on the just-released Quicken Essentials for Mac.
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    Hi, is anyone beta testing Office 2011 on a PPC Mac? What's your experience so far?
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