Apple expands App Store availability, 3G app download limits

in iPhone edited January 2014
The iTunes App Store has added thirteen new nations to its global audience, while Apple also lifted the 10MB limit on apps that can be downloaded over a 3G mobile link.

Mobile developers targeting the iPhone and iPod touch (and soon the iPad) "can now distribute apps to more customers with the addition of App Store support in Armenia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia, and Uganda," Apple's developer news site reports.

The site also notes that the company is now reviewing 96% of new app submissions within a week of their being submitted, and reviewing 98% of all app updates with the same length of time.

Additionally, the company has lifted the 10MB limit on apps that iPhone users can download over a 3G connection, raising the limit to 20MB. Apps larger than 20MB will still require that the user either download them via a WiFi connection or through iTunes on their desktop system.


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    igeniusigenius Posts: 1,240member
    All good news. But will they further eliminate apps that are disliked by folks in repressed areas of the world?

    Do they allow pics of naked swimsuit models in Bulgaria?
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    New and improved 20 meg cap! That's right, you can now download up to 20 megs on the App Store. But wait there's more. While we restrict you to 20 megs on downloads, streaming is unlimited. Why do we impose caps on App Store downloads when you can stream without restriction? Because we can.

    Call now and get a second one for free.
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    igeniusigenius Posts: 1,240member
    Why did this story disappear?
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