Apple's iTunes serves up 10 billionth song download



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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    Hey - Which old blues artists are you referring to? I looked years ago for obscure stuff on iTunes, but found little or nothing.

    Are there now rare old out-of-print artists available?

    My impression was that iTunes had a lot of pop stuff and chart-toppers, but little in the way of obscure interesting out of print stuff.

    Do they have Frank Stokes, Blind Old Tom Anderson, or Sleepy John Estes?

    dunno about lost artists you talk about ??why sdon't we trade some cool live music ???

    What i do know is that many blues demons from the 40's /50 s never got paid any money at all !!!

    They now get paid or their families do .

    And because of itunes central location any writer who never got proper credit or payments also gets paid .

    Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars found there way to many many artist screwed by the big 5 !!!

    Thank god for itune's

    Thank god many poor dude's who gave us so much now have some pocket change

    AND may god bless and keep steve in good health !!

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    A comparison of 10 billion burgers took McDonald's 29 years to achieve. For Apple it was 7 years. Pretty impressive.
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