Apple files for ownership of 'Magic Trackpad' trademark



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    Originally Posted by jeffharris View Post

    I love laptop keys on a desktop keyboard.

    I'm a night owl and pounding away on a "standard" keyboard (in a New York apartment) used to piss off my girlfriend. When I got a keyboard with laptop keys, the noise level and domestic tension dropped dramatically.

    I've been looking for an excuse to buy one of the new Apple chicklet keyboards.

    Let's see now - you have a desktop keyboard and a girlfriend. Maybe your problem late at night has been interacting too much with one and not enough with the other!
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    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post

    Yep, that's my point, you have the same keyboard layout as your MB or MBP with the multitouch features too.

    I can see where some people prefer the mouse way off to the right and have to keep coming back to the keyboard. Or using the mouse for, I don't know intensive photoshop stuff. But when I'm working on my laptop, it just feels very efficient to have the one click glass track pad just below the space bar!

    Just saying. I see both sides of the issue!

    Using a stylus is much more efficient than either a mouse or a trackpad. The tablet is mapped exactly to the screen so you move the stylus to where you want to go and the stylus hops to that point, unlike with a mouse, where you've got to drag the mouse all the way across the screen to where you want it to be... and hope you don't runout of mousing space and/or mouse cord.

    Mice are ergonomically inferior as well.

    The stylus just feels more accurate and the addition of pressure sensitivity adds a completely different dimension to using it. There's no good replacement when using drawing or painting applications, either. For my CAD work in Vectorworks I also use a trackball, but the stylus works just as well.

    As I've told tablet skeptics for years:

    I learned to draw with a pencil, NOT a bar of soap.
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    I'm hoping this also refers to a desktop device.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    At the time, the slate names were seen as a possible brand for Apple's then-unannounced tablet device. In January, Apple revealed its final, true name: the iPad.

    I have a feeling that the original name was the iSlate, but it was changed last minute when HP and microsoft stole the name. I doubt someone actually voted for iPad to be the name both because of similarity to iPod and funny female product jokes it was sure (and did) to garner.

    Smart idea to patent Magic Trackpad before some one else takes it. I doubt apple will make heavy use of it though.
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    Originally Posted by aaarrrgggh View Post

    I'm all for Apple integrating a MBP-style trackpad into their keyboards. I think mice are a terrible way to interact with a computer... after all these years using a laptop.

    Some people can't use the trackpad cause their fingers hurt (old age or otherwise). Having a mouse makes it a bit easier.

    Personally it makes no difference to me, as long as I got a giant trackpad and not one of those tiny ones I can get stuff done about the same speed with either mouse or trackpad.
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    Originally Posted by jeffharris View Post

    As I've told tablet skeptics for years:

    I learned to draw with a pencil, NOT a bar of soap.

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    Originally Posted by Kibitzer View Post

    Let's see now - you have a desktop keyboard and a girlfriend. Maybe your problem late at night has been interacting too much with one and not enough with the other!

    Yeah, you're right. There are plenty of other ways to piss off your girlfriend! Especially at midnight....'hey get off me, it's not your birthday!'
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    magic marketing
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    It's struck me as strange ever since Apple brought in swipe and increasingly sophisticated gestures for laptops, that desktop users were unable to use them at all with any input device provided by Apple. I've been expecting them to release a desktop trackpad for at least a year - maybe this is it.
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    I hear you. Great product but streaming video? Thats going to have to come via a third party product as it's eighty five percent of the web, one hundered if it's streaming or meaty one hundered. But that whole magical this and that was pretty gay, as in traaa laaaa laaa throgh the tulips in Willy Wonka Alice land of tutti fruit pies. Very strange indeed and if you take away free streaming tv shows, if that's what you do, even sports or news, it's far from magical. Sure it might boot up fast and do some cool stuff like voice to text but non magical when it comes to streaming, no, that will probably come from the undergound. Heck I wouldn't be surprised to see them come out with a way to turn on 3g if it's there or trick all wifi spots to be free somehow

    Time will tell. I do want one but probably 2nd 3rd gen.

    Originally Posted by bungamunji View Post

    iSlate = iPad on steroids?

    I could see it happening. It would be the same size roughly, but with camera, usb port, etc, so it's more resemblant of a real laptop in connectivity and functionality.

    It's a thou

    And whats the big deal with Apple and the word magic? Did you watch the video about the iPad on Apples site? They're all taking turns calling it magic this, magic that. It seems like they are all just kind of circle jerking themselves by calling it magic and going on and on about how "Amazing" "Wonderful" "Awesome" and "Fantastic" it is. I couldn't find the video on youtube again after a quick search, but i saw a good couple minute video using just the superlatives all the presenters were using during the keynote, not repeating any. It was really funny.

    Apple sure does make great products, and they are great at marketing, and all that, but sometimes its just... weird.

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    I really hope its a second generation Magic Mouse or an addition to the Magic Peripheral family.

    The Magic Mouse, while a great replacement for the Mighty Mouse (its 100x better) is still lacking overall. When I first saw it, and first heard what it (theoretically) could do, I got very excited, then got the product and was tremendously disappointed.

    It seems like such a waste of a concept (multi-touch input device) that only uses a fraction of the same multi-touch gestures used by current Apple notebooks.

    Is it just me, or does it seem very likely that Apple is racing to catch its desktop input device(s) up with its notebook trackpad?

    As it is, I can't do any pinch to zoom, rotation, or Expose with a default Apple desktop mouse. (The 3rd party software options have all been dismal, buggy, and unreliable).
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