Valve's launches whisper campaign for new Mac version of Steam



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    It has to go through OpenGL either way and the work has to be done whether they write an abstraction layer or port the game natively and use OpenGL directly. Besides, Apple is updating OpenGL in OS X to support those very things.

    It's still a lot of work to write an abstraction layer as evidenced by cider not having many of the features it has until many many revisions down the line and same thing with crossover games and WINE in general. Hell, it took years for WINE to go 1.0 If Valve is indeed using an abstraction layer and writing their own they are basically reinventing the wheel unless they licensed something like cider. But again they don't seem to be the kind of company that takes shortcuts and I think they'd rather go native than make some half assed abstraction layer port like a cider wrapped game.

    You make a valid point. I hope you are right.
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