iPhone devs can now automate app release dates, price changes



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    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    Sure, it would end your controversies. And the result would be an entire new set of issues that would come up. I'm sure you would rejoice them doing that, only to turn right around and complain to Apple as to how they allowed some kind of malware or trojan to hijack your phone.

    Will not happen and the tens of millions of iPhone users are quite happy leaving it that way. You want to live in the wild west? Go to Android and be done with it. This subject has been beaten beyond belief.

    LOL, what makes you think that I would rejoice and complain at the same time? You are part of the problem. You believe too much of what some believe. You have no opinion except what others tell you to believe. Many of you fanboys are pathetic and know nothing. Apple will still be patching security holes regardless of whether there are signed apps outside of the App Store or not. Yes it will be more difficult for them but not moreso since they own the kill switch on any app. Even Jobs, said himself, in his letter on the iPhone in 2007 said the main problem was unsigned apps.

    BTW, don't tell me what I should do. I've been buying Apple products since 1986. Who are you? If it was up to people like you, the iPhone would still have no copy/paste and there would be no heavily rumored multitasking in 4.0. You are part of the problem. You ask nothing of Apple but are so willing to buy their products. I'm sure if I looked into your previous posts you would argue against multitasking. It is you that people like you that Jobs doesn't respect. I'm sure that it doesn't end with Jobs.
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    Originally Posted by str1f3 View Post

    If it was up to people like you ... there would be no heavily rumored multitasking in 4.0

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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I think they do it on purpose rather than for a technical limitation. They probably don't want fanboys clicking refresh a thousand times a minute to see if the new product is posted yet. Adding a new product is done weeks in advance for testing and it is likely only a single click to make it public. Clearly they don't do that when they are adding an accessory item, cable, 3rd party product, etc.

    Definitely not weeks before, only 1-2 days maybe. And when you see some early details is because someone clicked the release button; as soon as they realize, just revert back to a previously released stage. I'd say even the product pages put into the CMS only days before site release.

    Of course it's a lot different if they release a completely new website, then the CMS is filled with the content weeks before up to the last day.
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